Comedy review: Michael Brunström: World of Sport, Dragonfly, Edinburgh

A weirdly complex show that's both unsettling and enjoyableA weirdly complex show that's both unsettling and enjoyable
A weirdly complex show that's both unsettling and enjoyable
Brunström goes not just sporty but positively dramatic in this latest outing.

Michael Brunström: World of Sport, Dragonfly (414) * * *

Guided by the Olympic flame, he limps (he has a bad knee, it may have been symbolic, you never know with Brunström) through a panoply of competitive physicality (and an octopus), involving a fabric-conditioner-based Tom Selleck in the 5,000 metres, The Diving and The Badminton (with an anthropomorphised shuttlecock), a 'guess the sport' section, happiness training, soft rock and a gripping climax that combines special effects, life lessons and classical music in a strange but wonderful few moments in which you are lost between laughter and tears.

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The 100m-final was never before like this. Perhaps I am overthinking the entire experience, but this is a weirdly complex show, frequently standing on the edge of ridiculousness and leaving it up to the audience to decide which side to go with. It is both unsettling and enjoyable.

In this hour, Brunström reveals a more than passable singing voice and a much more 'in yer face' approach, as well as a competitive side. Fans of football results are in for a real treat in his interpretation of a results announcement.

Until 25 August

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