Comedy Review: Candy Gigi Presents - Friday Night Sinner!, Monkey Barrel 5 (VENUE 515), Edinburgh

Wow. Just, wow. I realise that is not a particularly helpful response to a show.

4 stars

Wow. Just, wow. I realise that is not a particularly helpful response to a show. But I guarantee it will be yours when you watch the extraordinarily talented Candy Gigi power through the story of a doomed Borehamwood housewife (and murdering psychopath) who just wants to be a star.

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The show also has airborne vegetables, onion eating, an Appalling Jewish Mother and a talking vagina. It also has a tall silent keyboard player/Candy’s husband, all specs and kippah.

But mostly it has Candy – crazy, wonderful Candy – with a voice that could wake the dead. A glorious big Broadway voice, belting out her very own show tunes along a plotline that hurtles from troubled childhood (see Appalling Jewish Mother, above), showbiz fantasies, a loveless arranged marriage, a desperate bid for stardom and, of course, murder.

The entire show is pretty much one huge trigger warning. And it is glorious. It is Little Shop of Horrors with Candy as both Audreys. It is a one psychopath tour de force and she is as ruthless as she is fabulous.

What she does to a bloke in the front row is so close to sexual assault that a decent prosecutor would already have her behind bars, and there is nowhere – absolutely nowhere – in the world of thought possibilities that is too dark for Candy to go. That is a thrilling thing to be a part of.

Until 25 August. Today 8:35pm. ****