Comedy review: Aaron Simmonds: Disabled Coconut, Edinburgh

I feel there is some sort of complaint to be made about a show called Disabled Coconut that turns out not really to be about disability at all.

The com-est rom-com ever with Aaron Simmond's superb storytelling

Aaron Simmonds: Disabled Coconut, Underbelly(302) * * * *

Instead it is about love and spit-roasts and outrageously embarrassing unexpected meetings and absolutely the Best Grandma In The World.

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This is the ‘com’-est rom-com ever and Aaron Simmonds is a superb storyteller. He is a confident, sparky, smiley presence onstage and it is easy to see why he is an award winner.

The title of the show refers to someone who trolled him online for being insufficiently disabled. Simmonds has CP and uses a wheelchair although he is able to walk short distances. His core balance is also dubious but that, as we learn, is not always a bad thing. His online troll reckons this is simply not properly disabled.

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This show has the best, the most beautifully constructed and the most unexpectable narrative line of pretty much any I have seen. There are twists and turns and in every single one there is a laugh.

From his warm up funnies about escalators and gluten intolerance through to the gobsmacking denouement via the activities of his awesome grandma, sex on the telly and a perfect lesson in how to deal with the terminally patronising, this hour belts along on wheels of laughter.

I can tell you no more because I do not want to spoil the surprise Simmonds builds so beautifully to create. Just go. It’s fully accessible even if you are “properly disabled”.

Until 26 August