Children's theatre review: Slime, Pleasance Pop-Up: Central Library, Edinburgh

Bearing the double advantage of combining a Fringe show with a visit to the library – although audiences and their children will have to go next door for the Children’s Library – the set for Slime by Hull’s Herd Theatre has been specially constructed on a lower floor landing of the building.

Combine a Fringe show with a visit to the library

Slime, Pleasance Pop-Up: Central Library (Venue 462) * * *

It’s enclosed, with its own doorway and ante-cloakroom, and inside another world is created; a microscopic garden lined with pastel foam panels cut into leaf and grass shapes, with mats and stools where the audience can make themselves comfortable.

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Into this space arrive Slug (Lucy Bairstow), all in yellow with a bag of ‘slime’ across her shoulder, and Caterpillar (Finlay McGuigan), clad in green and ready to pull his cocoon on and begin his butterfly transformation. The pair have spotted a nice green leaf dangling overhead, but the gardener’s poison pellets below it are a lethal hazard standing between the friends and their dinner; together they attempt to find a way of reaching it using found objects, so one can be fed and the other grow.

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