Surprise planned for couple whose love began at Edinburgh Tattoo 55 years ago

A COUPLE who met en-route to one of the Capital’s most famous showcases are set to return to the event more than 50 years later to celebrate their wedding anniversary – provided family members can keep the surprise under wraps until then.

Bill and Joan Davidson relocated to Ontario, Canada five years after meeting on the bus to the Royal Military Tattoo from Glasgow in 1963 and have remained together ever since.

And now, daughter Angela Faminoff is hoping to give her mum and dad a truly memorable anniversary gift on a trip back to the Capital this August by surprising them with tickets for the show for the first time since the magical night they first met.

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The couple moved to Canada a year after Angela was born following Bill’s retirement from the RAF, where he served as a senior technician on the “V bombers”, to take care of Joan’s mother when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Tattoo rehearsals Edinburgh Festival 1963 Edinburgh Military Tattoo

They later relocated again across the country to Victoria, British Columbia and have travelled back to their native Glasgow in previous years, but have never made it back to the performance which brought them together.

Teaching assistant Angela, 53, has not yet revealed the surprise trip to the Tattoo on Saturday, August 3, but admitted they have always kept Scotland “close to their hearts” and hold a special love for the showcase that brought them together.

She said: “My dad will wear his kilt any chance he gets and talks about Scotland all the time, so I know going back really means the world to them.”

“Even though they emigrated, their hearts have remained in Scotland.”

Bill and Joan Davidson met on a bus from Glasgow en route to the Edinburgh Tattoo back in early 1960s.

“That night at the Tattoo was obviously really special for them. They have been together ever since, so the entire event changed their lives.”

According to listings published in the Radio Times for a showing of the Tattoo, the entertainment on show in the 1963 edition of the showcase included The Military Band and Desert Patrol of the Royal Jordan Arab Army from Amman, modern jungle warfare and a piping, drumming and bugling display by the first battalion sixth Queen Elizabeth’s Own Gurkha Rifles and A fire-fighting demonstration by units from Edinburgh’s South-East fire brigade.

Angela said the family are also planning visits to the Castle before travelling north to the Highlands for a whisky-themed tour as part of their visit home.

Lynsey Fusco, the Tattoo’s head of marketing and communications said: “I’m delighted to congratulate Bill and Joan Davidson on celebrating 55 years of marriage and we have been extremely touched to hear that the Tattoo played such a prominent role in bringing them together more than half a century ago.”

Bill and Joan Davidson met on a bus from Glasgow en route to the Edinburgh Tattoo back in early 1960s.

“The Tattoo has the ability to unite people from across the globe and we look forward to welcoming Bill and Joan.”