My Festival: Joanne McNally

Comedian Joanne McNallyComedian Joanne McNally
Comedian Joanne McNally
The Irish comedian answers our Edinburgh Q&A.

What are you doing for this year’s festival?

I’m doing Joanne McNally: The Prosecco Express Reimagined! – a 60 minute live comedy show at Assembly Roxy from

How has lockdown been for you? Has it changed you, and if so how?

YES! I realised if I’m going to spend my days dipping Monster Munch into red wine and eating them, I should not post the process online because people get concerned.

What are the best and worst things about social distancing?

Sex. I didn’t miss it at all and I’m raging I have to go out and do it again.

What are the best and worst things that have happened to you online?

I was on a dating website using all my best professional photos when someone made me aware there was a girl on the same dating site using a photo of me and her at a gig I’d done and I looked horrific, the worst photo of me I’ve ever seen. It was clear that that’s what I actually looked like so basically I was ousted as a catfish.

Please tell us about your first ever Edinburgh festival appearance.

I brought a show called Bite Me which was basically a dark comedy theatre piece about bulimia (I was riddled with it) but I flyerd (I don’t know how to spell that) my ass off and the lovely thing is some of those people still come to see me! That’s the brilliant thing about flyering, you can basically hand pick your audience.

Do you have a favourite memory of the festival?

I think I was kicked out of the Abattoir pub once. If I remembered it happening it would probably be my favourite memory.

What do you think the future of the Edinburgh festivals looks like?

The same as the old one! The festival won’t change, the only thing that might be different is we’ll be doing it on Mars when Elon Musk builds the space escalator.

Please name a piece of music that sums up the past year for you.

I’m a freak, I don’t listen to music. It’s one of my least favourite things about myself.

Thank you! We’d love to buy you a drink. What do you want from the (socially distanced) bar?

A mop bucket full of Pinot Grigio please.

Joanne McNally: The Prosecco Express Reimagined!, Assembly Roxy, 15-29 August, various times.

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