Dance, Physical Theatre & Circus Review, Staged, Zoo Southside (82), Edinburgh

Staged starts life as a wonderful piece of physical theatre, beautifully put together and superbly executed.


Then it’s not. Saying more than that would be the plot spoiler of the century, so suffice to say this is very much a show of two halves.

We arrive to find a large wooden platform suspended from the ceiling, a strap in each corner holding it in place. When the three performers are motionless, the stage stays horizontal and still. As soon as they move, so does the platform – and the skill and dexterity required to keep themselves onboard is fascinating to watch.

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With such a compelling scenario in motion, the next section feels like coitus interruptus and, to my mind, not worth it. To quote the stranger sitting next to me: “that’s a shame, I was really caught up in that”. Yes, me too.

Until 25 August