Dance, Physical Theatre & Circus Review: FrontX Summerhall (Venue 26), Edinburgh

3 star
3 star
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The staging and structure could use a little polish and upgrade, but the heart of this multi-artform show is vibrant and beating.


Six artists, each with their own unique skill and style, join forces to celebrate the resilience they’ve all displayed in their lives so far. Their different ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes mean they cut a wonderfully diverse dash standing in a row on stage.

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Slowmotion Phax from Madagascar does what his name suggests – moves slowly – and his rendition of a snail attempting to cross the M8 is priceless. Big Ben lends a hand, soundtracking the venture with his skilful beatboxing. Hip hop dancer Roya the Destroya (so called because she “destroys people with her smile”) proves that having one leg needn’t curb your ambition, dancing with a bouncy athleticism then helping the audience find a little extra self-love.

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Performance artist Hello Shelly recalls, and partially recreates, a previous live art show, inviting audience members to draw on her flesh. Breakdancer Micael Anigbe from the Ivory Coast wows with his windmills, then disarms us with tales of his father. And soprano singer Aurélie Castin touches us all with her operatic beauty. A refreshing, fun hour that deserves expansion and investment.

Until 24 August. Today 3pm

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