Comedy review: Richard Brown: Horror Show Scottish Comedy Festival @ The Nightcap, Edinburgh

Richard Brown seems to be mellowing slightly with age, but that still makes him the just about the angriest, most nihilistic comic you will see. Luckily, he has the skills to make that very, very funny.

Richard Brown: Horror Show, Scottish Comedy Festival @Nightcap (Venue 383)

Richard Brown: Horror Show, Scottish Comedy Festival @ The Nightcap * * *

I wish it was next year. Because this show is going to be a killer hour of comedy.

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He spends 15 minutes of this show doing a set he recorded for TV (edited to two minutes, eventually) and the rest trying out material for next year’s show.

If your comedy tastes run dark and bitter, then get yourself down to this great little basement and listen to Richard rant.

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The heavy-hitting stuff is leavened all the way along with shorter funnies – still not exactly Milly-Molly- Mandy, but you are laughing along the way to each comedy attack zone. Impressive stuff. Get your tickets now.


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