Comedy review: Michael Odewale, Pleasance, Edinburgh

It feels like Michael Odewale did not so much have an idea for an hour long show, but got an hour long slot and set about filling it with material that is more or less collectible under a 'black man in a white man's world' theme.

Michael Odewale, Pleasance (Venue 33)
Michael Odewale, Pleasance (Venue 33)

Michael Odewale, Pleasance * * *

It must be quite an experience for your first hour to be playing to the whiteout that is the average Edinburgh audience.

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The absent dad cliché, growing up in Dagenham, white friends who 'collect' black friends, protesting, the current etiquette of walking down the street and mules for everyone fill some time. There are some lovely moments about wokeness and the 'n' word, and a terrific section about protesting racism in the porn industry. Michael is pleasantly minimal in his delivery style although a full five minutes across the show was given over to the phrase “d'ye know what I mean?”


Until 25 August