Comedy Review: Jordan Brookes: I've Got Nothing, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

It takes a really good comic to find big laughs in something. It takes a great comic to find big laughs in nothing.

Jordan Brookes is weirder and more wonderful than ever this year.

Jordan Brookes: I've Got Nothing, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh * * * *

And that, more or less, is what Jordan Brookes does. It takes great skill to make an hour look this random, and yet keep hitting laughter buttons with precision.

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There is a ridiculously funny vignette at the start starring Jordan and the microphone stand in a … a one-night stand. After this he goes unplugged and we tumble through his attempts at self- improvement and the zombie apocalypse, and he takes a moment to imagine what the show is going to be like.

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He ends with an uplifting, optimistic speech, the likes of which you will never have heard. And which you will not forget in a hurry. He is fond of a Freddo, is Jordan, and there is a stupidly funny sequence that ends with a melting giant Freddo.

Such is the expectation of Brookes’ work that, on the way out, the young guy behind me said to his friend “I think the melting Freddo was a metaphor for his step-father”. I don’t. I think this year Jordan Brookes is just crazily, adorably funny. You should see him !

Until 25 August