Comedy review: Jojo Sutherland: Riches to Rags, Golden Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh

It has been a long, long time since I heard a room full of laughing people stunned into silence by a single line.

Jojo Sutherland has a fund of one-liners and asides, plus an intimate knowledge of initiation jokes. Picture: Trudy Stade

Jojo Sutherland: Riches to Rags, Golden Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh * * * *

But two-thirds into Jojo Sutherland’s hour that is exactly what happens. You need to go and see this show. You need to hear what she has to say.

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For the first 40 minutes what she is saying is great fun and you will laugh a lot. Life in a castle, uber-posh parents, financial crisis and council house envy sit alongside tales of brain haemmorhages, domestic violence and quite a lot more talk about death and funerals than is usual in a comedy show.

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We get quite an in-depth guide to initiation pranks in places like boys’ schools, the Army and the Navy. There is a mature gentleman in the front row who knows all about Freckles, Toby Tig and a load of other bodily function-based hilarity that goes on in every military establishment since military service began. Jojo’s own son fell asleep on the mess deck and woke up… well let us just say, physically altered.

And then Jojo drops the bomb. It will shock you. It should.

Until 26 August