Comedy review: Huge Davies, Pleasance, Edinburgh

At the end of his show Huge Davies does the most wonderful thing.

Huge Davies, Pleasance (33)
Huge Davies, Pleasance (33)

Huge Davies, Pleasance * * *

He tells his audience to pick up a three page booklet from his tech' in which they can find the names of a load of first timer shows that he recommends.

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His own show is an intriguing mix of short songs, sound effects, deadpan chat and Daft Punk based gossip. Because the venue is, frankly, a disappointment to him, we do not get his musical “The Carpark” which is sad for all fans of child abduction, murder, vans and percussion, but Huge gives us the gist and it is gripping. Maybe next year. Huge – a not entirely friendly performer (he hates us because we are his worst ever audience) of indeterminate but probably, definitely Asian origin also promises us his tragic backstory but somehow we run ouot of time.

The show is raw and rough round the edges. Huge is no Mitch Benn in terms of musical comedy but I don't think he wants to be. He uses his keyboard more like a bank of special effects, rather than merely a musical instrument. His treatment of both Christina Aguilera and The Beatles are, for me, a huge improvement. Interesting stuff.


Until 25 August