Comedy review: Ew Girl, You Nasty, Laughing Horse @ The Golf Tavern - Upstairs Bar, Edinburgh

This show is a blast. Please do not be put off by the title or the flyers.

Ew Girl, You Nasty, Laughing Horse @ The Golf Tavern - Upstairs Bar (Venue 114)

Ew Girl, You Nasty, Laughing [email protected] The Golf Tavern – Upstairs Bar * * *

This is hair-raising stand-up of the kind that used to be the exclusive territory of the Bad Boy Comics. And this woman is kicking some serious comedy ass in their playground.

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Katharyn Henson has, not to put too fine a point on it, been about a bit. And she weaves crystal meth and dog food, sleeping with losers and cocaine culture into a surprisingly charming 40 minutes. You get the feeling there is so much more to come from her, if the section on sports as the way forward for rape prevention is anything to go by.

She now manages a sex dungeon and the twenty somethings in her front row who had been shocked at her crystal meth material now just blush and giggle. “You are looking at me the way my mother looks at me” she says to one of them. Katharyn’s surprise bonus warm-up is Michael di Angelo, who has the best body hair and cunnilingus jokes in Edinburgh. Well worth the trek to The Golf Tavern.


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