Comedy review: Dominic Frisby: Libertarian Love Songs, Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh

Enter the Republic of Libertaria and enjoy politics through the medium of song in the company of Dominic Frisby and his excellent band, the Gilets Jaunes – comprising Chad Leyland and Paul Richards.

Anti-capitalist comedy from Dominic Frisby and the Gilets Jaunes.

Dominic Frisby: Libertarian Love Songs, Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh * * * *

The Overly Woke have obviously sought to disrupt proceedings and have knackered the sound on the little video inserts that have been created but Frisby overcomes such problems to engage, delight, amuse and persuade his audience with songs such as “I Think I’m In Love With Nigel Farage”, and the jolly singalong “F*** the Government”.

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Fans of passive-aggressive raps and Wetherspoons will be thrilled with this show, which has its feet in genuine political beliefs and its head in beautifully crafted, cleverly pitched, comedy delivered with a finesse that befits libertarian ideals.

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This is politics for grown-ups and, as is the way in Libertaria, there is no need to agree with Frisby’s opinions to enjoy the show. It will, however, help.

Until 25 August