Comedy Review: Business Casual, Underbelly, Edinburgh

Fans of Usher and Lil Jon are in for a thrill. Luckily there is plenty for fans of “absurdist sketch comedy” as well. That is how the lads describe their show, and who am I to argue?
A crazy, good-natured, sweaty hour packed with big laughsA crazy, good-natured, sweaty hour packed with big laughs
A crazy, good-natured, sweaty hour packed with big laughs

Business Casual, Underbelly, Cowgate – Delhi Belly (Venue 61) * * * *

There are three onstage and one on the sound and lighting desk. Sound cues are vital to this show (see Usher reference, above), as are many, cans of Tennent’s Lager. This is a crazy, good-natured, sweaty hour absolutely packed with big laughs.

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There is a thrilling competition to find the Best Impression of the 21st Century, a glimpse into the private worlds of Business Casual – Corey, Hunter and (most disturbingly) Jeremy – a visit from Vince and Chuck warning us against the evils of weed, a couple of very private photos and some semi-nudity. There is also a nightly changing moment involving flyers for other people’s shows which is sheer Fringe genius. Hearing Loss The Musical will never have better promotion.

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Yes there are a few bits that don’t work and I got bored with the video game stuff, but as a whole this is an absolute blast, perfectly timed to kick off a great night. It is only a small venue so get your tickets now, I have the feeling this show is going to sell out.

Until 25 August. Today 7:05pm.

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