Comedy review: Adele Cliff: Undershare, The Tron, Edinburgh

This is as tightly written a show as you will see on the Fringe
Undershare is a breezy, easy hour.Undershare is a breezy, easy hour.
Undershare is a breezy, easy hour.

Adele Cliff: Undershare, The Tron, Edinburgh * * *

It is a crafted, nicely-paced hour sprinkled with delicious one-liners and well-turned puns, involving Jack (the ex) the bloke from the improv course and Sam (the current) who is good at sharing. Adele herself is absolutely charming, eliciting quite a lot of 'sharing' from the audience right from the get go, while keeping the potential disaster of a stag do at the back of the room at bay. She is a skilled performer, with a real presence and confidence that bring to mind Catherine Bohart and Rose Matafeo. There seems to be an entire generation of these women.

Fans of Pokemon, stationery and Christian the Lion will have a better handle on proceedings than others but Adele is all about trying to share here, and beautifully explains the difference between unnecessary sharing and oversharing. Even Adele shares (although Sam said she was bad at it which is what started the show). She is an engaging storyteller as well as a nice (occasionally better than nice) gag merchant and it is an easy, smiley, inconsequential hour to be part of.

Until 25 August

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