Edinburgh Festivals Daily Guide - 4 August

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Clive Anderson will be reuniting with his old improv gang for Whose Title Is It Anyway? at the Fringe. Picture: Contributed


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Four stars notwithstanding, I feel duty bound to point out that Simon Munnery’s show is not exactly a laugh a minute. In his first preview here it probably peaks at a laugh every two minutes.

How often do you get to sing along to Pretty Vacant with the guy who wrote it? Not often. That’s why the Fringe is such a wonderful thing. Matlock – the teenage rocker who joined the Sex Pistols, then left after falling out with Johnny Rotten – was at the beginning of a revolution in music. And now he’s here to tell us how it was.

[http://www.wow247.co.uk/blog/2014/08/04/celia-pacquola-let-me-know-how-it-all-works-out/|Celia Pacquola: Let Me Know How It All Works Out|Celia Pacquola: Let Me Know How It All Works Out} (4 stars)

Smart and vivacious yet goofily relatable, Celia Pacquola projects immediate assurance on stage. And yet the Australian has a secret shame – she’s in thrall to the predictions of psychics. She knows this “magic” is nonsense and judges others subscribing to it harshly.


Plenty of the old gang from Whose Line Is It Anyway? will be taking part in Clive Anderson’s Fringe show. The presenter and former barrister talks to Claire Smith about improv and the interview he would rather we all forgot

Edinburgh’s trams may have been years late, but the Traverse show exploring the vexed project will be bang on time, finds Brian Ferguson

Susan Mansfield talks to Maureen Beattie and Muriel Romanes about this year’s Fringe productions from Stellar Quines


The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an unmissable spectacle that draws in hundreds of thousands of spectators every year. But how much did you know about the show?


Popular improv group Racing Minds – Daniel Roberts, Tom Skelton, Chris Turner and Dougie Walker – tell us about their best and worst Fringe experiences

Come Fringe Yourself with Tom Stade is a brand new Edinburgh Festival chat show. Check out the teaser trailer for episode one.

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