Diamond couple enjoy a 'quiet but happy' 60 years

Bert and Rita Dalgleish of Gorebridge have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

Bert and Rita Dalgleish (nee Weighand) celebrated 60 years of marriage at a special tea party on Monday afternoon at Gorebridge Parish Church, where Mr Dalgleish was an elder.

They were joined by church members to mark the occasion and will celebrate again with family members on Friday evening at a local restaurant.

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They were also paid a visit by Councillor Margot Russell, Midlothian's depute provost, and depute lord lieutenant Greig Murray, who presented them with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of whisky with two glasses bearing the Midlothian crest. They were also given a congratulatory card from the Queen.

Mr and Mrs Dalgleish were both born in Newtongrange.

Mrs Dalgleish, 81, was schooled at Newtongrange, whereas Mr Dalgleish, also 81, attended school in Gorebridge.

Mr Dalgleish worked as a butcher and Mrs Dalgleish worked for several companies including Lothian Coal and WS Adam's sausage factory.

They first met at Newtongrange Picture House in 1942. Back then, the monthly event was Comfort Fun for Soldiers, and ironically Mr Dalgleish was called up to the army soon after. But the young couple's love never faltered despite a separation of two-and-a-half years.

On 8 February, 1950 at Newtongrange Parish Church, they were married. It was a big ceremony, with an even bigger reception party at the Masonic Hall of Newtongrange, before the newlyweds embarked on a three-day honeymoon to Ayr.

On their return, they moved into a house in Gorebridge and, after three years, then moved to their current address in Vogrie Crescent South.

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Soon after, they had two sons, Eric and Stuart, who now have four children between them – two girls and two boys.

Whilst courting, the pair enjoyed long walks, visiting the cinema and indulged in trips to Edinburgh.

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Mrs Dalgleish says: "We've lived a quiet life but a happy one."

They are both currently enjoying retirement.

Both are keen gardeners, and they also frequently socialise with friends and family.

When asked for the secret to their long, happy marriage, Mrs Dalgleish said: "It's a case of give and take, continually talking about things, having no secrets between each other.

I look after him quite well – well, we both look after each other."