Dance review: Curious Seed - Teenage Trilogy, Perth Theatre

Years come and go, but some stick in the memory bank more firmly than others '“ in particular those awkward, confusing and exciting ones between 13-19. So much happens during that heady period, that dance company Curious Seed found rich pickings when creating its enjoyable new show, Teenage Trilogy.

Curious Seed's Teenage Trilogy
Curious Seed's Teenage Trilogy

Dance review: Curious Seed - Teenage Trilogy, Perth Theatre ****

After months of conversations with current and former teenagers, at home and abroad, choreographer Christine Devaney has shaped their stories into something recognisable to most. Clashes with parents, fiercely bonded friendships, bodily changes, vibrant sexual awakening, insecurity – it’s all played out here, by four energetic dancers surrounded by mattresses (which come in handy for the ‘teenagers need sleep’ section).

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The performers’ actual teenage years may be behind them, but they convey the highs and lows perfectly – aided by snatches of video footage from real teens telling it like it is (“treat us like an adult when we want you to, and like a child when we need you to” as one young man astutely puts it) plus two teenage musicians on stage.

Sharing memories of their past, seven older women join the show for a round of ‘life versus teens’, a fun, computer-style game where cushions represent everyday challenges, attempting to knock the teenagers down as they run the gauntlet.

A brief foray into darkness, where smeared strawberries are used to illustrate the trauma of self-harm, could perhaps have been given more space to develop, but the overarching driver here is fun – perfectly capped off with a silent disco for all at the end.