CoPilot Live Premium Sat Nav for Android and iOS

Buying a new Sat Nav doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to John Lewis or an online order from Amazon. Smartphones such as the iPhone or those running Android can be turned into a fully functioning homing pigeon by purchasing a Sat Nav App.

CoPilot Live Premium Sat Nav for Android and iOS

£14.99 from the App Store and Google Play, see for more

For my trip from London to Edinburgh, I decided to invest £14.99 in CoPilot Live Premium, which is a Sat Nav App available from Google Play or the Apple App Store. The main advantage of CoPilot is that it downloads all UK maps in advance, which equated to a 180MB one-off whopper of a download. European maps are also available for extra cost.

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For such a long journey, I was keen to try the included free 12 month subscription to ActiveTraffic. This takes into account traffic jams and accidents when routing. There are also handy features such as lane assist arrows, virtual sign-posts and ClearTurn, which all help to make sure that you don’t miss a turning. When the car stops, CoPilot pops up a series of markers for nearby points of interest such as restaurants and petrol stations.

My journey to Edinburgh was going very smoothly with the husky voice of “Emma” guiding me to the outskirts of Newcastle with ease. My reviewing policy of blindly following the Sat Nav was then tested to its limits as CoPilot decided to route me through Northumberland National Park and up the A68 with a pleasant combo of freezing fog and one metre visibility. Thankfully CoPilot’s crystal clear maps and route guidance were a handy third eye in these conditions, and I arrived safely 7 hours 31 minutes after setting off. Despite the strange last leg, I’d still say that CoPilot’s affordable price tag makes it a strong contender for TomTom’s crown.