Club of the Week: The Lane


DRESS CODE: From classy and smart to urban sexy and jeans and trainers (just don't get the nights mixed up)

MUSIC: Electro, house, trance, hard house, urban and underground sounds

DJS: Check out the list... it's almost endless

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WEST END venues seem to come and go. So it's good to see that one dance-hall institution still remains. The Lane is still going strong, it's roots firmly in place since before the happy daze of acid house flooded the club market in the Eighties. Over the years The Lane has played host to a number of great nights and DJs who have pushed the boundaries of the house scene – The Lane's owner, still reminisces about how one DJ blew the crowd away by mixing live music with his turntable set up while his wife sang a cappella. And this way back in the day when laptop mixing wasn't even close to being a realistic option. Some legendary sets have been played there thanks to the likes of Huggy and Craig Smith who brought over one half of Masters At Work, Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez... who can forget Nuyorican Soul's classic, The Nervous Track?

Having undergone a full face lift, The Lane continues with an almost endless choice on offer with everything from sublime house to urban sounds and dirty electro.

Not too far from George Street, and just round the corner from Shandwick Place, The Lane is easy to find. Floodlights illuminate the cobblestone alley which leads to an entrance flanked by the burly bouncers. Inside there are two choices – the secluded dark and glowing lounge to the left, or the main room, dark and for dancing. I like The Lane, the low ceilings give it an underground basement vibe. Perfect.

The Lane, Queensferry Street Lane, 0131-467 7215