Celebrate Women’s History Month in Edinburgh’s underground

Explore the forgotten stories of Edinburgh's women who shaped history at The Real Mary King’s Close in March.

The Real Mary King’s Close is bringing back the popular Herstory Tours to celebrate Women’s History Month this March. The underground experience is inviting you to journey underneath The Royal Mile and learn all about the incredible lives of the women who once lived, worked and died on the now hidden streets of Edinburgh.

The Herstory Tour shares stories of the women who faced suppression and persecution over the centuries but also of how the City’s most influential women pioneered gender equality, shaped the city’s history and impacted our lives today.

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The tour is guided by one of the past residents of The Close, Jonet Nimmo, the youngest daughter of Mary King. Along the way, you will also meet two additional residents, Janet Chesney, a member of the last family to leave the historic street behind, and Mary King herself.

The Real Mary King's Close Herstory ToursThe Real Mary King's Close Herstory Tours
The Real Mary King's Close Herstory Tours

You will learn about Sophia Jex-Blake, one of the revolutionary Edinburgh Seven who fought for women’s education and the right to practice medicine, Lang Meg, one of the city’s Foul Clengers, and Euphame MacCalzean who was charged with witchcraft unfairly

Mary King’s Close is known for having been “a haven for independent women” with 45 per cent of properties having a female head of the household. Furthermore, Mary King obtained voting rights nearly 300 years ahead of her time. The Close is the perfect place to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, learning about the achievements of the women of the Close.

Tours will be running from March 1 to 24, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 4pm and 5.30 pm. Prices are £30 per adult / £24 per child (5 to 15yo – no under-5s allowed).

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