Castle used in hit TV show Game of Thrones up for sale

A section of a Northern Ireland castle used in the filming of hit fantasy show Game of Thrones is up for sale.

Gosford Castle, which was used as a filming location in Game of Thrones
Gosford Castle, which was used as a filming location in Game of Thrones

Built in the mid-1800s by Archibald Acheson, the grade-A listed Gosford Castle made two memorable appearances as Riverrun in the epic drama.

The first came in Season Three where the castle was the location for the execution of Rickard Karstark.

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The second came in Season Six, when Riverrun came under a prolonged siege.

Offers of more than £500,000 are being invited.

The history of the castle dates to the mid-1800s and it was occupied by the Earls of Gosford until 1921.

The castle was commandeered during World War Two and was used to accommodate troops.

A prisoner of war camp was also set up on the estate.

Following the war, the castle was sold to the Ministry of Agriculture, who established the site as Gosford Forest Park, later designated as Northern Ireland’s first conservation forest.

During The Troubles, the castle fell back into military use after which it was opened again as a hotel in 1983.

In 2006 the castle was bought by Gosford Castle Development Limited, who have since restored the castle – at a cost of more than £4 million – and converted it into luxury residences.

It seems the sale is aimed more at investors, with the property’s listing noting “the portion of the castle being marketed for sale at this point has been partially developed in places with a view to convert the space into six luxury apartments”.

But if you’ve always wanted to open your own Game of Thrones-themed hotel, that could be an option too.

“A potential purchaser could also invest with a commercial direction in mind,” adds the listing.

Game of Thrones recently finished filming for good in Northern Ireland – though a new spin-off show is about to shoot in Belfast.