Second instalment of Bill Knox’s thrilling Thane & Moss series out now

Readers can return to the gritty and crime-packed streets of 1950s Glasgow this month with the republication of Death Department, the second book in Bill Knox’s vintage Tartan Noir series from Zertex Media.

Originally published in 1959 and now releasing under Zertex Media’s Crime Imprint, Knox’s distinguished detective duo is tasked with solving a seemingly mundane shoplifting case within a Glasgow department store that unexpectedly spirals into a brutal murder.

With time against them, Thane & Moss follow a quest for justice set against the backdrop of Knox’s expertly conjured Glasgow setting. The success of the original Thane & Moss Series was assisted by this emphasis on authenticity that Knox employed in his stories for a true sense of realism.

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One of Tartan Noir’s original figurehead authors, Bill Knox’s career saw the publication of 65 novels in his lifetime. His famous career as an author, journalist, and presenter of long-running STV Crime Desk segment and TV series, Tales of Crime secured his legacy in the British crime genre.

Death Department by Bill Knox.Death Department by Bill Knox.
Death Department by Bill Knox.

The first book of the esteemed Thane & Moss Mystery series, Deadline, was republished at the end of January, with Death Department and Leave it to the Hangman following in e-book and audiobook formats. Limited paperback editions are also available on request.

Susan Ward, daughter of Bill Knox and caretaker of the late author’s estate, said of the republication of the series: “I’ve come across a few older people who are familiar with my father’s work, but younger generations have not yet had the chance to experience his stories, and with the republishing of Thane & Moss they will have that opportunity.

“My father was so dedicated and worked really hard in his time to make an impact, so it would be lovely if that could all be recognised by a new audience who can resonate with his writing the same way readers did 60 years ago.”

Commenting on the republication, author and publisher JD Kirk of Zertex Media said:“It’s been great to see the excited responses to the reissuing of the first three Thane & Moss books. A beloved and renowned Tartan Noir author, both an old and new audience will be able to discover Knox’s expert writing and scene setting which transcends time.

With all three books available in early 2024 in e-book and audiobook format, as well as paperback on request, it’s been a joy to relive and share these crime classics.”

The first of the series, Deadline was reissued on January 30, with Death Department republished on February 27 and Leave it to the Hangman on March 29.

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