Best Scottish children's author

JK ROWLING Yes, Scottish-based rather than Scottish, but definitely an honorary Scot by now.

On top of the critical acclaim for her phenomenal Harry Potter series, Rowling has also been recognised as having reignited a passion for reading in young people across the world. Five of the seven books have now been captured on film by Warner Brothers with the sixth film – Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince expected to hit the big screen in July 2009.


JM Barrie is probably bets known as the creator of Peter Pan, the boy who never wanted to grow up.

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The first appearance of Peter Pan came in The Little White Bird, which was published in the UK in 1901. Barrie's most famous and enduring work, Peter Pan, had its first stage performance on 27 December 1904. Following on from this success Barrie went on to find critical acclaim with The Twelve Pound Look, Mary Rose and The Boy David.


Former teacher Aileen Paterson's best known works are those based on the feline character Maisie Mackenzie. Maisie's distinct look was also created by Aileen as she not only writes but illustrates all of her own books.

Maisie, who lives with her granny, as her daddy is an explorer usually up to his neck in adventure in some exotic climes, has now appeared in over 20 of Aileen's books following her debut in Maisie Comes to Morningside in 1989.

The title of her first book was inspired by Chester Himes detective story, Cotton Comes to Harlem.


Scotland has provided the background for a number of Joan's books including Rags and Riches, Glad Rags and Strangers in the House.

She received the prestigious West German award the Buxtehuder Bulle in 1986 for Across the Barricades. Tug of War has also enjoyed great success and was shortlisted for the 1989 Carnegie Medal, the 1989 Federation of Children's Book Group Award, runner-up in the 1990 Lancashire Children's Book Club of the Year and shortlisted for the 1989 Sheffield Book Award.


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Lari Don started off by writing short stories for adults but as soon as she had her own children she was inspired to start writing children's literature.

Lari has trained as a professional storyteller and appears on the directory of the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Her first book First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts was published this year and tells the story of Helen – a girl using her mother's veterinary first aid kit to help many mysterious beasts.

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• Aileen Paterson, Lari Don and Joan Lingard will be appearing at St Andrew's DO this weekend in Edinburgh's West Princes Street Gardens as part of the storytelling activities. For more details, visit