Blipfoto celebrates power of daylight in new video

AN award-winning online photography journal has released a new video celebrating the “transformative” power of daylight to mark its 10th anniversary.

Blipfoto founder Joe Tree. Picture: VELUX/YouTube

Edinburgh-based image website Blipfoto has unveiled a two-minute clip featuring founder and photographer Joe Tree against Edinburgh’s dramatic skyline.

The video is part of The Daylight Project, a series commissioned by roof window manufacturer VELUX that invites photographers, scientists and artists to discuss the importance of daylight.

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Revealing how daylight has affected his professional life, Tree said: “One of the most expressive means of celebrating daylight is taking a photograph and in its most simplistic form photography is the act of capturing light. Transformative, flexible and utterly unique, there is no comparison to the life that can be brought to a photograph with the simple addition of daylight.

Blipfoto founder Joe Tree. Picture: VELUX/YouTube

“To work with daylight, you need to understand how it interacts with an object, how it bounces off a surface and how it has the power to change an environment. We have this utterly changeable weather, quite easily having four seasons in a day, but for photography that’s great! The unpredictability makes it quite exciting; when everything comes together it can make the perfect photo.”

Blipfoto, which hosts over 3.4 million photographs, won a Scottish BAFTA in 2009 for best website.

Picture: VELUX/Blipfoto/YouTube