Big Brother winner backing the Union

A FORMER Big Brother winner has been tasked with persuading Scots islanders to stay in the UK, it was revealed yesterday.

Cameron Stout, who won the reality TV competition ten years ago, will lead the Better Together campaign in Orkney.

The 42-year-old fish trader turned primary school teacher from Stromness claimed there was “huge support” in Orkney for the Union.

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Mr Stout, who teaches children on Hoy, said: “There are a great many convincing reasons why Scotland is better as part of the UK, and we’ll be laying those out. Most importantly, that will include some distinctly Orcadian issues as well.

“However, for me, it’s a real feeling of the heart. I’ve always felt very proud to be Orcadian, proud to be Scottish and proud to be British – I’ve never felt any conflict between them.”