Best Twitter reactions as Kezia Dugdale enters I'm A Celeb

KEZIA Dugdale officially entered the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! jungle tonight. To mark this historic occasion, we've rounded up some of the best Twitter responses.

Kezia Dugdale has made her first jungle appearance on TV programme I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Picture: Universal News Europe

The former Scottish Labour leader arrived at camp with fellow new contestant Iain Lee and both were immediately thrust into one of the show’s infamous Bushtucker Trials.

Before the trial, the other celebs were asked to vote who they thought would win. The entire group picked Kezia.

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Dubbed ‘10 Downing Creek’, the trial required Kez and Iain to crawl through a series of creepy-crawlie-filled chambers, each named after a prominent UK politician.

Containing fish guts, ‘Sickola Sturgeon’, was preceded by Margaret Scratcher’s insect-fest, Theresa Dismay’s toads and spiders and Jeremy Clawbyn’s crustaceans.

Iain Lee won the trial and was then asked to pick which celebrities he was to take with him to form a group. Kezia led the remainder back to camp.

As one would imagine, support on Twitter for ‘our Kez’ was mixed. Here’s the pick of the crop:


@MrsTheresaMay asked: “Did people just vote for Kezia Dugdale? That must have been an unusual experience for her.”

@cghgreen said: “Three months ago Kezia Dugdale was Scottish Labour leader. She’s now raking through fish guts on television. Funny game, politics.”

@DrPaulMiddleton said: “I don’t care what anyone says, I am genuinely rooting for @kezdugdale!”

@shonabrown0 said: “The world just gets weirder. Trump is still president. We are still leaving Europe and now Kezia Dugdale is in the jungle #thingsineverthoughtIdsee”

@anum_qaisar said: “@kezdugdale getting more support from random celebs in #ImACeleb than her own colleagues in @scottishlabour #teamkez”

@DarrenCBGR said: “Kezia Dugdale is really going to struggle in #ImACeleb2017 she’s not use to people voting for her”

@lynnzzii said: “Kezia Dugdale with a kangaroo is something I didn’t know I needed to see until now”

@mpc1980 said: “I bet you @kezdugdale is thinking she’s never left the Scottish Parliament being in those tunnels with all that”

@scottishphoenix said: “Don’t mean to ruffle anyones feathers but Awe I’m starting to really warm to Kezia! #imaceleb #imacelebrity2017”

@Kennej said: “Jamie Lomas’s face when he’s listening to Kezia speak is hilarious. It’s like she not a real person”

@camusson said: “What. A. Time. To. Be. A. Political. Journalist. #ImACelebrity #TeamKez”

@thatsplenty_xo said: “canny believe am aboot to witness kezia dugdale crawl through fish guts”

@AngryScotland said: “The majority have voted for Kezia. This must be a totally alien experience for her. #ImACeleb”

@oidptg said: “Dying at Kezia losing the fake election they made up for her especially”

@TheHornyHaggis said: “Kezia good as her word, “I’m going into I’m A Celeb to promote Labour values”.... 1 task, 1 defeat.”