Beauty: There's facials, and then there's a Dr Sebagh facial

IF you sometimes find it hard to face the day, and no amount of facial washes, cleansers, cream - or cucumber slices - can prevent lines, puffiness and an overall tired expression, help is at hand.

The Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial from skincare expert Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh may be at the luxury end of the price range, but after one treatment you'll be a convert - and the results last, making it more than worth it.

The facial works by using a combination of proven classic techniques, 21st century skincare and traditional aromatherapy in the form of pure organic essential oils, and can be personalised for both women and men, giving a no-holds barred blend of cleansing, deep exfoliation and rejuvenation to the skin.

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The aim of the treatment is to recreate the "NMF" - Natural Moisturising Factor - present when we are young, and to leave the skin with a perfect balance of oil and moisture.

Our tester left the treatment feeling relaxed, fresh and, more importantly, looking younger - yes, really. The facial aims to give improved clarity and radiance to the skin, to even out skin tone, and to strengthen collagen and natural elasticity, and it did.

Despite its name, the facial doesn't only concentrate on that area, and the therapist will also target the dcollet (for women) and hands, as well as the face.

The treatment starts with gentle cleansing of these areas to prepare for the application of the Deep Exfoliating Mask.

The mask is infused with personalised mood-prescriptive oils, used to rebalance, uplift or soothe, depending on how you're feeling. These have been formulated by Shirley Page, a skilled aromatherapist and Dr Sebagh treatment training manager, and is comprised of four blends: Uplifting - a citrus combination to brighten and lift the spirits; Rebalancing - with rose, sandalwood and mountain lavender to enhance the feeling of wellbeing; Soothing Relax for Women - combining lavender and clary sage, and a Men's blend using lavender and frankincense.

The next step is a rejuvenating lymphatic drainage and tension-relieving massage using an organic camomile essential oil, before the treatment is completed with the application of an aloe vera and green tea mask that increases hydration up to 60 per cent, and while you relax and let the years fall away, a hand massage will further relax and soothe you.

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Lasting an hour and a half, the Dr Sebagh Facial is a perfect special occasion treat. So if you deserve something luxuriant, or want to give a gift to someone wonderful, look no further.

• For more details, contact Space.NK at Harvey Nichols, 0131-524 8353.

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