Amateur photographer captures '˜Monarch of the Glen' shot

Picture: SWNSPicture: SWNS
Picture: SWNS
An amateur photographer has captured the dramatic moment the silhouette of a majestic stag appeared against a sunset backdrop in the Highlands.

Ross Vernal, 37, could not believe his luck when he saw the animal while driving through one of Scotland’s most scenic spots.

And now the amateur photographer, from Glasgow, admits it was a “unique” moment that he will likely never experience again.

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Ross, a software development manager, was late arriving in the Glen Etive area of the Highlands on a photography trip.

But he couldn’t believe his luck when he was greeted by the sight of the stag.

He said: “I was heading up to Glen Etive to shoot some pictures anyway before this happened.

“I was late getting there though as I had lunch with some friends in Helensburgh before heading up.

“As fate had it, the time of day I got to Glen Etive combined with the lighting was just perfect for a photograph.

“But then I drove round a corner and saw the stag just standing there in front of me. It was really amazing.

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“I have been doing photography for quite some time now so when I saw the stag I already had ideas in my head about the best composition for the image.

“I got out of the car and walked round behind the stag, and just found the perfect spot to get the stag silhouetted against the sky.”

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Ross uploaded the image to Facebook and it has earned thousands of likes.

Maria D Johnson commented: “This should be a label on a good bottle.”

Paula Satinoff posted: “Astounding work, Ross. Sometimes it all comes together.”

Mel Stewart said: “Incredible shot. Thank you for sharing.”

Ross admits he may never capture an image like this again.

He added: “From what I’ve gathered since then, getting a picture like this is very unique. I’ve never had anything like this before.

“I have never even seen a sky like that in the glen before. I was just really lucky that I got there at exactly the right time.”

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