Aga turn up the heat with electric model

IT is the ultimate symbol of country living, produces the best roast dinners in the world and is guaranteed to keep the kitchen toasty and warm even in the heart of winter.

But in the first major redesign in its history, the traditional cast iron AGA has been remodelled as a computer-operated electric version – the £9,595 AGA Total Control.

The manufacturers say the popularity of the new Instant AGA has boosted profits and claim the new version of the classic country house stove is converting AGA lovers everywhere.

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Scotsman cookery writer Lady Clare Macdonald uses one of the new models in her home near Beuly, .

“I think the electric AGAs are simply brilliant. The three- door AGA is everything I’ve ever wanted if I am more limited in space.

“The three-door electric AGA takes up the same amount of space as a traditional two door AGA.”

Until recently guests at Kinloch Lodge, Lady Clare’s hotel on Skye, were treated to roasts, bread, cakes and casseroles cooked on a traditional AGA.

“I think Kinloch was unique in Britain as using three four- door AGAs,” she said.

The kitchen was remodelled four years ago with commercial gas ovens, but Lady Clare still uses AGAs for cookery demonstrations at Kinloch Lodge and she loves the electric AGA she had installed in her home.

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“It is extremely economical to run. And ours heats the room. It also makes the bedroom above it the warmest bedroom in the house.

“I contend that the AGA bakes better bread and cooks better casseroles and roasts than any other form of cooking.”

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Manufacturers AGA Rangemaster say the new instant, electric AGA heats up in around 22 minutes, in comparison with a traditional model which can take six hours.

William McGrath, chief executive at Aga Rangemaster, said the second half of the year should see the impact of the Aga Total Control gather pace.

He said: “The group is confident that it is well positioned to be a major beneficiary of any upturn in consumer confidence.”