10 TV shows you might not know were filmed in Glasgow

Here are ten of the most interesting - and occasionally surprising - examples of TV shows that have been filmed in Glasgow over the years
Vicky McClure in The Replacement (Photo: BBC)Vicky McClure in The Replacement (Photo: BBC)
Vicky McClure in The Replacement (Photo: BBC)

The city has provided the backdrop to many modern TV series, from high-profile dramas to internationally renowned comedy.

It’s not just classics like Still Game and Taggart which have been filmed in Glasgow.

The Secret Agent (2016-)

Some Outlander scenes were shot in GlasgowSome Outlander scenes were shot in Glasgow
Some Outlander scenes were shot in Glasgow
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The 2016 BBC adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s dramatic thriller was set in London, but mainly filmed in Scotland. One of the most notable Glaswegian landmarks in the series was the Glasgow City Chambers. They were transformed into the Victorian-era Russian Embassy for the small screen.

In Plain Sight (2016)

Based on a true story, this three part miniseries focused on Detective Peter Muncie as he tried to capture notorious serial killer Peter Manuel, who terrorised Lanarkshire in the 1950s. Glasgow locations such as The Laurieston, Sloans and George V Bridge were used for filming. Also used was the South Portland Street Bridge. Actor Martin Compston threw his gun into the Clyde in the same spot as the real murderer.

The Book Group (2002-2003)

In one episode of Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson arrives in GlasgowIn one episode of Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson arrives in Glasgow
In one episode of Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson arrives in Glasgow

After American Claire Pettengill (Anne Dudek) moves to Glasgow, she sets up a book group in order to make new friends with similar interests. But she ends up with an eccentric group of lonely, discontented misfits instead. This black comedy was set in and filmed around Glasgow, starring actors such as Michelle Gomez, Rory McCann and James Lance.

Outlander (2014-)

Historical drama Outlander has a huge cult following among those who enjoy a bit of romantic Scottish escapism. Featuring lots of stunning Highland scenery and Scottish countryside, it has also been partially filmed in Glasgow. George Square, the Merchant City, Glasgow Cathedral and Pollok Country Park have all appeared on screen.

Rillington Place (2016)

This three part drama starring Tim Roth told the true story of serial killer John Christie, who murdered several people at his home during the late ’40s and early ’50s. Glasgow stood in for London during the filming. West Princes Street was used as the fictional version of Rillington Place. Additional filming took place at West Street, the Western Baths and a studio set in Dumbarton.

Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)

Although the majority of the series takes place in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, one episode of Parks and Recreation was particularly popular with Scottish fans. In the season six episode ‘London Part 1’, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) stops off at Glasgow Central Station before heading to Islay to visit the home of his favourite whisky. The station concourse is instantly recognisable, as Ron deciphers the timetables and hops on a Scotrail train with Glaswegian commuters.

Lip Service (2010-2012)

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Glasgow’s answer to the popular L Word series, Lip Service follows a group of twenty-something lesbian friends navigating love and life in Glasgow. The series was both set and filmed in the city. Shooting often took place in the Merchant City and city centre. The Tron Restaurant, Hummingbird and the Trans-Europe Cafe all made appearances in the show.

The Replacement (2017)

Last year’s hit BBC thriller The Replacement, about an architect who begins to harbour dark suspicions towards her maternity cover, was filmed on location in Glasgow. Locals will recognise places like George Square, the People’s Palace, Glasgow Green, The Trading House and Hutcheson’s Bar & Brasserie. The fictional offices where the women work were created inside Commonwealth House on Albion Street.

Fried (2014-)

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Following the exploits of a mismatched group of workers in a struggling fried chicken shop, BBC3 sitcom Fried was filmed in Glasgow – despite being set in Croydon. An empty retail unit on Albion Street (next to the Spoon Cafe) was transformed into a fictional Seriously Fried Chicken takeaway.

Lovesick (2014-)

Originally titled ‘Scrotal Recall’, but renamed after Netflix picked it up for a second series, this focuses on inept romantic Dylan – who finds out he has chlamydia. He then has to contact all of his former sexual partners to tell them the bad news. Lovesick is set in Glasgow (although a big focus isn’t put on the city), and it was filmed there too. Shooting for the second series took place over eight weeks in locations like Broomielaw and the Merchant City, and nearby Loch Lomond.

Written by Gillian McDonald