Storm Babet Recap: Three dead across UK | Plane skids off Leeds Bradford runway | Red warnings in force

Friday recap from The Scotsman on a day emergency crews battled to rescue people in Brechin. Police confirm at least two people have died in Storm Babet in Scotland, and a third was killed in Shropshire.

As England, Wales and Northern Ireland faced warnings about heavy rain, Scotland continued to bear the brunt with flood defences in the town of Brechin being breached early on Friday.

Marykirk and Edzell are also badly effect with power out across the region. Flooding has also hit Dundee and dramatic images show the extent of the storm at Stonehaven.

Storm Babet in Scotland Latest

Yorkshire Post reporting on Leeds Bradford Airport incident

Colleagues at our sister paper The Yorkshire Post are updating us on the incident

A plane has skidded off of the runway while landing at Leeds Bradford Airport during Storm Babet, writes Charles Gray.

Fiona Marr, who went to the airport to watch some of the planes land with her nine-year-old son, said that the plane was visibly affected by the winds and “landed almost sideways” at “about 1.40pm”.

She said that an alarm went off in the airport and fire crews and what appeared to be ambulances went to the incident. She added that there was no smoke coming from the crash but that other flights that were set to take off had to be halted.

Footage from scene as Tui flight skids off runway

Sky News brings report on plane which left the runway at Leeds Bradford airport in Storm Babet winds

No injuries reported at Leeds Bradford airport

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said there were no reported injuries on the plane which came off the runway at Leeds Bradford Airport, and no fire.

A spokesperson said: “(Our) command unit has now been stood down, and remaining crews are now assisting in evacuating all persons from the aircraft to the terminal.”

Plane skids off runway in Storm Babet winds

A passenger plane has come off the runway at Leeds Bradford Airport while landing in windy conditions, reports PA.

An airport spokesperson said: “We can confirm TUI flight TOM3551 arriving from Corfu at LBA this afternoon has moved off the runway whilst landing.

“We are working with the airline, relevant operations teams and emergency authorities to address this situation and remove passengers from the aircraft safely.”

Storm Babet updates from the rest of the UK

Suffolk has declared a major incident as Storm Badet causes major flooding, the local authority said.

In an update on its website, Suffolk County Council urged residents not to travel unless “absolutely necessary”.


West Midlands Fire Service (WMAS) has urged people not to drive through flood water after a car was pushed 30 metres down a fast-flowing river in Northfield, Birmingham.

The driver, a man believed to be in his early 40s, had attempted to pass through a ford in The Mill Walk at around 8.30am on Friday, WMAS said.


Waves crash near to the 'Freddie Gilroy' sculpture by artist Ray Lonsdale in Scarborough, as Storm Babet batters the country.Waves crash near to the 'Freddie Gilroy' sculpture by artist Ray Lonsdale in Scarborough, as Storm Babet batters the country.
Waves crash near to the 'Freddie Gilroy' sculpture by artist Ray Lonsdale in Scarborough, as Storm Babet batters the country.

Reminder of what First Minister Humza Yousaf had to say

Mr Yousaf posted on his social media page this morning.

Latest from Alison Campsie on Angus situation

More than 60 people were rescued in the early hours of this morning, including by boat, as Storm Babet holds its grip on Angus, writes Alison Campsie.

Emergency response teams are braced for worsening conditions over the weekend as a further red alert was issued for the area on Saturday and high water levels show no signs of receding.

Jacqui Semple, manager of risk, resilience and safety at Angus Council, gave the latest picture on the ground, saying flooding was now hitting homes in Dundee.

Brechin remains amongst the worst hit, with Marykirk now engulfed with water and Edzell cut off as the North Esk inundates.

Ms Semple said people from 60 households were rescued from Brechin in the early hours of Friday morning, including some who had chosen to remain in their homes following an evacuation order the previous day. Rescuers have also reached people living around Marykirk, with a rest centre now set up in Edzell to deal with those impacted by the storm.

Ms Semple said there was a sense of “devastation” among those she had encountered at the rest centre at Brechin. An appeal was launched on Friday morning for warm clothing after people started arriving in “soaking clothes”. More than 50 people are being cared for there at present, with the number expected to rise.

Need shelter? Rest centre details

Dundee City Council is appealing to anyone who needs shelter or has been asked to leave their home in the area to come to a rest centre at the Dundee International Sports Complex. More details below.

More homes to be evacuated due to Storm Babet

Angus Council has confirmed some homes in Monifieth, near Dundee, will be evacuated.

Councillor Lloyd Melville told the PA news agency that he could not confirm numbers affected but urged residents to leave if they are asked to.

Mr Melville said: “It will be hard for some people to leave their homes but they absolutely need to do so if asked.”

He also thanked council staff: “They have been absolutely knocking their pan in (to keep people safe).

“They are the people who need the thanks. They are literally saving people’s lives.”

Angus Council resilience chief continues

Jacqui Semple is head of risk, resilience and safety for Angus Council.

“People are devastated. This is awful,” she said.

“It would be awful. Your house flooded, your belongings, the impact emotionally and physically and everything that goes with that.

“They’ve got all of those people who have been affected arriving at our rest centres in such a state – wet, cold, upset and just so unbelievably upset.

“I can’t underestimate the fact that this is not just about the process of evacuating and rescuing. We’re doing that the try and save people’s lives and sometimes the hard reality is that property becomes a secondary thing but all of us like our personal possessions and things that are precious to us and we need to always never ever forget the human factor in this.”

Jacqui Semple



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