Scots round-the-world yachtsman rescued off Chile

Andrew Halcrow (C) arrives in Punta Arenas, Chile. Picture: Getty

Andrew Halcrow (C) arrives in Punta Arenas, Chile. Picture: Getty

SCOTTISH round-the-world yachtsman Andrew Halcrow has been taken to safety by the Chilean navy after his boat was badly damaged in a “huge storm” off the tip of South America.

Halcrow, 54, was west of Cape Horn on Saturday when the mast of his boat - the 32-foot-long Elsi Arrub - snapped, according to an account on his website.

This was Halcrow’s second attempt to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe - his first in 2006 also ended with him having to be rescued, after he became ill off Australia.

He was picked up yesterday afternoon by a Chilean naval helicopter which flew him to the far southern city of Punta Arenas, around 240 miles east of the yacht’s position in the south Pacific.

A statement posted on the site this evening read: “Andrew just phoned from Punta Arenas.

“He arrived after the re-fuelling stop in Felix to a media circus, TV cameras and journalists which he definitely was not expecting.

“He has hit ‘the wall’ now and needs to shower, eat and sleep. He will meet with a local Admiral tomorrow who will talk about how it might be possible to find Elsi.

“He is sounding fine.”

The Esli Arrab set off from Falmouth in Cornwall in November.

Mr Halcrow’s first attempt to sail around the world was foiled by crippling stomach pains and sickness as he sailed 350 miles south west of Australia.

He managed to raise the alarm by contacting his girlfriend 10,000 miles away in the Shetland Islands.

She then alerted UK coastguards, who contacted their Australian counterparts. A spotter plane found him and he was later picked up by a passing tanker, the Elegant Star.

He has previously managed to successfully sail around the world on the yacht, making a successful circumnavigation in 1998 with his brother Terry.




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