Labour to join forces with Tory rebels over Brexit

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Protesters wave pro-independence Catalan Estelada flags during a demonstration in Barcelona. Picture: AFP/Getty/Luis Genel

People of Catalonia urged to ignore police after direct rule

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Joseph Stiglitz sits on the Scottish Government's council of economic advisers. Picture: Getty

Scotland ‘should be able to go its own way in migration’

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The campaign group has warned that a ban could criminalise good parents.

New Zealand Christian group in smacking ban warning

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Jim Sillars: Scotland should buy an oil company

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Scottish Greens to push for ‘progressive’ income tax changes

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Tory MP Douglas Ross to quit refereeing after 2018 World Cup

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Onshore energy sector in last-ditch fracking plea to MSPs

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Jeremy Corbyn: planned tax rise for all on �80,000. Photograph: Getty

Scottish Labour’s £70m tax ‘anomaly’ that nobody noticed

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Leadership duo Sarwar and Leonard. Photograph: Steven Scott Taylor

Scottish Labour infighting reaches new low as MP targeted at meeting

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‘SNP may be forced to make indyref2 call in early 2018’

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Mr Salmond will join delegates at the Scottish Independence Convention in Edinburgh. Picture: John Devlin/TSPL

Alex Salmond to appear at Scottish independence rally in Edinburgh

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Mhairi Black: why should we put indyref2 on the ‘back burner?’

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MPs are looking to force a final vote on any Brexit deal. Picture: Contributed

Labour to join forces with Tory rebels over Brexit

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George Osborne visits Tata Steel  which put UK operations up for sale. Picture; Getty

Joyce McMillan: Are the Tories imploding over Brexit?

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Edinburgh West MSP, Alex Cole-Hamilton

Edinburgh MSP to face no further action over campaign spending


Labour to join forces with Tory rebels over Brexit

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John McDonnell has claimed Tory rebels could be working with Labour. Picture; BBC

MPs can stop no-deal Brexit, says Labour’s John McDonnell

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Tories told to ‘shape up’ as Johnson and May make peace

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon addresses Scotland's Inclusive Growth Conference in Glasgow as she outlines how reducing inequality and creating a fairer society can have significant economic benefits for the country. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Peter Smaill: Inclusive growth for Scotland by excluding the rich? It does not add up

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will seek public feedback on plans for a Scottish-first national investment bank. Photo: Tom Honan/PA Wire

Nicola Sturgeon unveils plans for Scottish national investment bank

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Nicola Sturgeon will outline her economic plans in Glasgow today.

Nicola Sturgeon to outline economic growth plans

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The currency issue was a major talking point ahead of the referendum. Deputy Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar and credit union worker Alison Dowling deliver a giant mock-up of a pound coin with Alex Salmond's face on it to Bute House in August 2014. Picture: SWNS

Should an independent Scotland adopt its own currency?

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Donald Trump to make ‘scaled down visit to UK next year’

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Did teetotal Donald Trump drink wine at the UN?

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President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Phoenix. Picture: AP

Donald Trump blasts ‘dishonest media’ in rally tirade