Nicola Sturgeon to launch new drive for Scottish independence this week

Nicola Sturgeon is to launch a drive this week aimed at finding out why No voters rejected independence in 2014.

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Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell (left) has called for Sir Richard Branson to be stripped of his knighthood. Picture: PA

John McDonnell calls for Virgin boss to be stripped of knighthood

The feud between Jeremy Corbyn and Sir Richard Branson has deepened as the Labour leader’s most senior ally called for the Virgin tycoon to be stripped of his knighthood.

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Corbyn is on course to win the leadership election, yet polling of the electorate as a whole suggests he is a liability to the Labour Party. Picture: John Devlin

Euan McColm: Road to oblivion paved with good intentions

Corbyn would be powerless to destroy the Labour Party without decent, well-meaning supporters, who will be cruelly cured of their optimism

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Researchers from QMU spoke to people drinking nearly ten times the recommended weekly alcohol limit. Picture: iStockphoto/Getty

Alcohol price plan ‘will harm biggest drinkers’

Plans to put a minimum price on alcohol could lead to an initial spike in hospital admissions among the heaviest drinkers, researchers claim.

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Trump with, from left to right, his sister Maryanne Trump Barry and cousins Willie Murray, Alasdair Murray, Calum Murray and Chrissie Murray at the house in Tong where his mother was brought up

Insight: Why does the Trump trail go cold in the Hebrides?

The presidential hopeful and the people of Lewis seem strangely reluctant to celebrate the ties that bind them, writes islander Brian Wilson

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There is concern over damage to Scotlands reputation as a holiday destination. Photograph: Steven Scott Taylor

Brexit setback for Scots tourism as businesses fear increase in costs

Almost half of Scotland’s tourism businesses expect their costs to increase as a result of the Brexit vote, according to the first major survey of the sector.

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Closing the gulf between the sexes will need a radical change in working practices. Picture: Getty/iStockphoto

Dani Garavelli: Take the ‘choice’ out of pay discrimination

More than four decades after lower pay for women was outlawed, the workplace is still riven with prejudices about ‘lifestyle’ and gender roles

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Mark McDonald with primary school children, who he believes will benefit from early exposure to education

Councils challenge SNP vow to double free childcare

Flagship plans to introduce Scandinavian-style free childcare in Scotland and attract a generation of mothers back into the workplace have been branded “irresponsible” and could be torpedoed by a lack of funding and planning.

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Early learning is thought to encourage a later development

Leader: Parents’ lives will be transformed by nursery plan

The Scottish Government seeks transformational change through its childcare policy, and today the Minister for Childcare and Early Years outlines his commitment to achieving this goal.

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Trump with, from left to right, his sister Maryanne Trump Barry and cousins Willie Murray, Alasdair Murray, Calum Murray and Chrissie Murray at the house in Tong where his mother was brought up

Leader: Trump as keen to play down Scottish links as we are

The man who many believe is destined to be the next president of the United States of America is half Scottish. Who would ever have believed it? The figure who could become the most powerful person in the world is the son of a woman from the Outer Hebrides. It’s the sort of tale that would normally have Scottish hearts bursting with pride. When it comes to achievement, rarely is a Scottish connection too tenuous to celebrate. And with Donald John Trump, there is no digging to prove his Scottish credentials, because he is bona fide – the son of a Scottish immigrant who spent the formative first 18 years of her life in her native land.

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Officers are working harder than ever, says Police Federation. Picture: John Devlin

Scottish Government under pressure to set out police numbers

Pressure is growing on the Scottish Government to set out the future of the national police force amid uncertainty over a long-running commitment on officer numbers.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and leadership candidate Owen Smith in Glasgow for a hustings debate. Picture: John Devlin

Leaders: Labour fighting against the tide benefits no-one

The party needs to put its house in order and become a viable opposition to give voters a genuine choice and uphold democracy

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Business investment appeared to show no impact from Brexit uncertainty. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Little evidence UK economy hit by Brexit says report

The UK economy continued to grow in the run-up to the Brexit vote, with “very little anecdotal evidence” to suggest it had been hit by uncertainty surrounding the EU referendum.

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The Party leader spoke with young Scottish Labour activists at the Edinburgh Festival. Picture: SWNS

Jeremy Corbyn vows to reverse cuts and boost arts funding

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to reverse years of “systemic under-funding” for the arts as he launched his culture strategy in Edinburgh.

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Jeremy Corbyn manages a smile in Edinburgh this week  Labour voters seeking an election win are not so happy. Picture: SWNS

Paris Gourtsoyannis: Corbynistas are content with failure

The people who make up the majority of Jeremy Corbyn’s support aren’t hung up on victory, writes Paris Gourtsoyannis

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Picture: PA

Scotland has taken largest share of Syrian refugees

More than a tenth of the 20,000 Syrians the Government has pledged to resettle have been brought to Britain so far, with Scotland taking the greatest share of refugees.

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Picture: submitted

Man puts Saltire protest stickers on Tesco strawberries

A man has put saltire stickers on boxes of Tesco strawberries in a protest against the firm’s controversial decision to use the Union Jack.

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Nigel Farage at Donald Trump rally. Picture: Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton hits out at Nigel Farage after Trump rally

HILLARY Clinton has launched a vicious attack on Nigel Farage after the outgoing Ukip leader said he would not vote for the Democratic presidential-hopeful even if he was paid to do so.

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Scots actor Alan Cummin. Picture: Contributed

Alan Cumming ‘cures’ Nicola Sturgeon’s fear of dogs

SCOTTISH actor Alan Cumming claims to have helped cure Nicola Sturgeon’s lifelong fear of dogs after introducing her to his “very soothing” pet pooch.

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Winning Labour candidate Mary Lockhart. Picture: submitted

Labour say “tide has turned” after Fife by-election win

Labour say their fortunes in Scotland are turning around following a council by-election win in Fife last night.

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