Scientists to study aftershocks after deadly Italy quake

Scottish scientists are among a team of experts travelling to Italy to study aftershocks after the devastating earthquake that killed nearly 300 people there last week.

Controlling bracken is a major job for farmers. Picture: Contributed

Breaking back of bracken needs brains and brawn

It has been estimated that the area of Scotland covered by bracken has increased by 25 per cent in the past decade and many hillsides and remote areas of the country are now dominated by the aggressive fern.

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Scone outside Perth faces a new housing development of  700 new homes. Picture: AP

Residents oppose plan to expand historical Perthshire village

Residents of one of Scotland’s biggest villages are up in arms after learning a massive new housing development that was rejected nearly a decade ago is back in the pipeline.

Debris from the Transocean Winner drilling rig has been discovered around the grounding site. Picture: PA

Metal debris recovered at oil rig grounding site in Lewis

Dozens of pieces of debris, weighing up to 200lbs, have been found at the site where an oil rig grounded on the Western Isles.

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The current ban has an impact on live music events. Stock image

Council delay noise disruption decision

Campaigners trying to change Edinburgh’s controversial restrictions on live music events have been dealt a blow after a crucial decision was delayed to give opponents the chance to have more of a say.

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Mobile phones background. Pile of different modern smartphones. 3d

Edinburgh University team salvage gold from mobiles

Vast quantities of gold could be salvaged from old mobile phones using a simple method of extraction, experts have discovered.

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Venturefest Scotland will see three teams pitch their ideas for tackling air pollution. Picture: Contributed

Young innovators battle it out against air pollution

Three teams of budding entrepreneurs will wade into battle this week to pitch their ideas for tackling the global problem of air pollution.

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The potential of wind power to deliver much of Scotlands energy needs is already well known. Picture: John Devlin

Leaders: Dream of self-sufficiency takes a step forward

There is a long way to go, but first delivery of tidal energy to the National Grid shows the industry’s promising future

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A tidal turbine is pulled out to location Picture: Scottish Renewables

World first as tidal turbine system supplies national grid with electricity

A Scottish energy firm’s tidal turbine system has become the first in the world to deliver electricity to the National Grid.

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Rubbish on beaches is not just an inconvenience for us, it also poses a major hazard for our wildlife. Picture: Contributed

Ilona Amos: Doing our bit to keep beaches safe for wildlife

It may seem surprising when you consider the pitiful weather we have been subjected to this summer, but there is an official bathing season in Scotland. It runs from June to September, in case you’re wondering – it kicks off a month earlier for our relatively tropical southern neighbours.

The bay of Ullapool in the Scottish Highlands. Picture: Jon Savage

Highland community hydro project reaches £900,000 milestone

A MAJOR green energy scheme for the Highland town of Ullapool has reached its funding target of almost £1million.

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George Forrest, dubbed Scotland's "Indiana Jones of the plant world". Picture: Contributed

Scotland’s Indiana Jones of the plant world to be celebrated

A Scots plant hunter whose adventures in China and the Himalayas resulted in the discovery of more than 1200 plants, is to be celebrated in lights.

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A crowd gathers as the sun reflects from a new office building in the City of London. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Scots engineer designs hi-tech tool to reduce sun’s glare

A Scottish engineer has developed a hi-tech tool that could have major safety benefits for the renewables, transport and construction sectors.

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Harbour seal populations on the east coast are struggling but are on the rise further west. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Census shows mixed fortunes for declining harbour seal colonies

Harbour seal populations around the Scottish coast have increased over the last five years after a long period of decline, according to a new national survey.

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The Scottish wildcat is endangered. Picture: Contributed

Scottish wildcat breeding centre opened to save Highland cats

A new specialised breeding facility created to help save the critically endangered Scottish wildcat from extinction has been unveiled in the Highlands.

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The intake weir at Scotland's latest hydro scheme. Picture: Contributed

New £12m hydro scheme opens in the Highlands

THE latest hydro development in the north of Scotland, producing 3MW of power, has officially launched.

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A tiny copepod which has ingested microbeads from a facewash. The beads are seen shining blue. Picture: Contributed

MPs call for national ban on microbeads in cosmetics

The UK should impose a national ban on plastic microbeads being used in cosmetic products because of the threat they pose to marine life, human health and the environment, according to MPs.

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The Transocean Winner has been successfully refloated. Picture: Hilary Duncanson/PA Wire

Grounded oil rig in Western Isles refloated

The rig which ran aground on Lewis two weeks ago is on its 54-mile journey to the other side of the island - but at a slower rate than anticipated.

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Holyrood and Westminster must collaborate on their energy policy. Picture: PA

Ilona Amos: Holyrood and Westminster must work together on energy

Scotland has reached an important milestone in the fight against climate change, reaching – and in fact exceeding – its emissions reduction target for 2020 six years early.

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Cairn is accused of failing to report climate change concerns

Cairn Energy accused of failing to disclose environmental risks

A Scottish oil company has been reported to regulators for allegedly failing to disclose the environmental impact of its exploration work.

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