Endangered seahorses ‘dried alive and turned into jewellery’

Every year billions of wild seahorses are pulled out of the ocean, die a slow death drying in the sun before their dead bodies are packed up and transported all over the world as part of a million pound trade.

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Deer farmers have joined the campaign against the lynx. Picture: Jean-Christophe Verhaegen/AFP/Getty Images

Opposition growing over release of lynx into the wild

Until now, the National Sheep Association (NSA) has led the opposition to the introduction of lynx to the UK but this week a wider group of rural organisations joined forces to voice their concerns about the “big cat” coming back to these shores after an absence of hundreds of years.

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Cabinet Secretary for Land Reform Roseanna Cunningham. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Progress as community groups grasp Highland land ownership

The changing pattern of land ownership in Scotland has been illustrated by new figures showing that 124 community groups now own 142,177 acres in the Highlands council area.

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Dr Peter Barlow and his team of researchers at Edinburgh Napier university have discovered evidence that traffic pollution can harm the human immune system

Health fears as traffic fumes shown to damage immune system

Breathing in toxic traffic fumes could make people more vulnerable to colds, flu and other more serious infections, according to academics in Scotland.

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There are warnings of localised flooding in parts of the country. Picture: John Devlin

Scotland’s weather: Rain warning for Highlands, islands and Grampian

Yellow warnings for rain have been issued by the Met Office for parts of Scotland on Friday as a result of Hurricane Gert.

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All five turbines are now in place for the Hywind Scotland project. Picture: Statoil

Final turbine arrives for Scotland’s floating wind farm

The fifth and final turbine has arrived off the north-east coast of Scotland as developers press ahead with the world’s first full-scale floating wind farm.

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Ineos is importing shale gas from the US to its refinery and petrochemicals plant in Grangemouth. Picture: Michael Gillen

Fracking not viable in UK’s “deformed” rocks

The UK’s new dash for unconventional oil and gas has come 55 million years too late, according to a leading Scottish academic.

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The new plant has been called "Shetlands monkeyflower".

New species of wild flower discovered on Shetland

A new species of wild flower has been discovered on a Scottish island.

The Scottish Government is already a firm supporter of investment in renewable energy, but the Greens believe bolder plans are needed. Picture: John Devlin/TSPL

Greens call for bolder climate change approach in Scotland

The Scottish Greens have called for a “bold” approach to tackling climate change by introducing a target date of 2040 for zero net carbon emissions north of the Border.

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The Scottish Government says efforts to protect Scotland's environment will be undermined by Brexit. Picture: Ray Cox

Brexit: Repeal Bill ‘puts environment in Scotland at risk’

The legislation to formally remove the UK from the European Union risks undermining environmental progress in the devolved nations, Scottish and Welsh ministers have warned.

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White Letter Hairstreak. Picture: Iain Cowe/Contributed

Butterfly discovered in Scotland after 100-year absence

A DECLINING butterfly has been discovered in Scotland for the first time in more than a century, wildlife charity Butterfly Conservation has confirmed.

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The Shetland Monkeyflower. Picture: Supplied

New species of wild flower discovered on Shetland Islands

SCIENTISTS have found a special type of yellow monkeyflower growing in Shetland and say that its evolution has happened in the last two centuries.

Inverness, Highlands & Islands
Edinburgh International Conference Centre. Picture: Contributed

EICC claims Scottish first with carbon-neutral event

Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) has claimed a first in Scotland after striking a deal to offset all the carbon generated during one of its events this week.

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Renewables firms say they can 'ill afford further delays' to the NnG project. Picture: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

Suppliers unite in support of £2bn Scottish wind farm

A group of about 30 Scottish supply-chain companies have come together in support of a £2 billion offshore wind farm ready to be built next year off the east coast of Scotland.

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Is this one of Scotland’s last true wildcats?

A “pure” Scottish wildcat, feared by experts to be extinct, has been captured on video for the first time ever, according to conservationists.

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Woodland Trust chief executive Beccy Speight, left, with Croft Woodland project officer Viv Halcrow and Donald Macdonald, who has planted trees on his croft in Back. Picture: Contributed

Trees ‘do grow’ on remote Isle of Lewis’ landscape

ISLANDERS have been highly praised for a woodland project which is seeing trees being grown on an isolated part of Lewis.

Inverness, Highlands & Islands
Warm water contained in disused mines shafts could offer a low-cost and sustainable source of green geothermal energy. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Ilona Amos: Do ‘dirty’ old coal mines hold the key to clean geothermal energy?

Some of Scotland’s most densely populated communities are sitting on what could, quite literally, be a hotbed of limitless clean energy.

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AC picture shows a zoo keeper fleeing to safety after a giant panda was mistakenly let back in to its enclosure.


Zoo keeper flees after panda let into enclosure while she worked

Edinburgh Zoo workers have raised fears over safety and staffing in the wake of an incident which saw a giant panda let back into its enclosure while a keeper was still cleaning it out.

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The 5,000 year old village of Skara Brae on Orkney is among the iconic heritage sites at risk from climate change. Picture: Jane Barolow

Scotland’s historic buildings at risk from climate change

How best to protect Scotland’s iconic heritage sites such as Edinburgh Castle and Skara Brae from the impact of climate change will be debated by industry experts next month.

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