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Big Ideas

Scientific legacy of Dolly the sheep remembered 20 years on

Two decades on from Dolly the sheep’s dramatic introduction to the world, researchers from the Roslin Institute have been reflecting on her remarkable scientific legacy.

Commercial annimators work across several Scottish business sectors including advertising, architecture and video games design. Picture: Wikicommons

Move Summit to celebrate Scotland’s animation industry

It’s been described as Scotland’s “overlooked” creative industry, despite working on some of the best-known films and video games of recent years.

The play "Girl in the Machine" will be part of the science festival strand looking at the impact of new technology on modern-day life.

Edinburgh science festival to explore tech dangers

The pitfalls and perils of new technology will be laid bare at the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

The paper CV remains a vital tool of recruitment. Picture: TSPL

Gordon Kaye: Paper CVs remain important in digital world

The traditional CV remains a vital tool in the recruitment world despite the rise of services such as LinkedIn, writes Gordon Kaye

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Thousands of Scots already use dating apps to find love, with a global matchmaking market now worth billions. Picture: Julie Howden/TSPL

Scots dating app Soda aims to be a social success story

A Scottish tech entrepreneur aims to stand out in the crowded dating app market by encouraging people to make “real connections” by meeting each other socially instead of through electronic messaging.

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It is sometimes not possible to ease pain, even with the best care

John Cameron: Is the right to die such a bad thing?

We must look again at assisted suicide for those who can’t bear their last days, says retired minister John Cameron.

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The Bell Rock lighthouse sits on a reef 12 miles off the coast of Arbroath and was designed by Robert Stevenson. Picture: Ian Rutherford/TSPL

Lighthouses inspire young Scots to learn digital skills

They have kept generations of sailors safe from harm and are a familiar sight among Scotland’s coastal communities.

Heather McDaid (left) and Laura Jones of Glasgow-based 404 Ink believe digital tools can boost print products. Picture: Sinead Grainger

404 Ink prove print publishers need not fear the internet

It’s fair to say the rise and rise of the internet has not always been kind to publishers. But despite reports of plummeting magazine circulations and a decline in the adult fiction market, the literary world is not afraid to embrace the digital age.

CalMac ferry services are already under public ownership.

All Scotland’s ferries may be nationalised

All of Scotland’s £1 billion ferry services could be taken into public hands after a review into the current deal was announced by transport minister Humza Yousaf yesterday.

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MEBot, a robotic-powered, six wheel wheelchair, was named best new concept. Picture: Contributed

Wheelchair that can climb stairs wins Scots design award

A wheelchair that can climb stairs has won a design competition aimed at improving the lives of people with physical or learning disabilities.

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There are 75,000 people living in poverty in Fife, according to local authority figures. Campaigners believe welfare reform could help reduce the number

Fife pushes ahead with universal basic income plan

A former mining village in Fife is to host a meeting of international experts and politicians to discuss a radical alternative to the present welfare system.

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Most of us are more comfortable reading a map than deciphering a spreadsheet. Picture: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Jordi Estrada: Everyone’s a cartographer with a smart phone

When we carry a smart phone, we are drawing maps without even realising it, writes Jordi Estrada

A Scotsman reporter was sent in 1840 to follow geologists William Buckland and Louis Agassiz as they visited the Highlands. Picture: Donald Macleod/TSPL

How The Scotsman broke the story of the Ice Age

Of all the exclusive stories that have been revealed in the history of newspapers, they don’t come much bigger than the discovery of the Ice Age.

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Environment secretary Roseanna Cunningham meets pupils studying climate change at Currie Community High School in Edinburgh.

Scots emissions to be cut by 66% in 15 years under latest plan

Greenhouse gas emissions will be slashed by two thirds from 1990 levels in the next 15 years under the Scottish Government’s new action plan to tackle global warming.

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The Cromarty Firth has long been used for anchorage when oil prices fall and the need for rigs is diminished. Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Small pools offer big advantage to Scotland’s oil industry

Learning to exploit the potential of untapped ‘small pools’ of oil and gas could offer a lifeline to Scotland’s offshore industry, experts predict.

Podcasting has become popular with all ages as the technology required becomes cheaper and easier to use. Picture: JP Resell

From football to knitting: the rise of the Scottish podcast

It’s a format made popular by the likes of Ricky Gervais and Mark Kemode that competes with traditional radio programmes for listeners.

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Personal details of numerous Scots anti-fascist protestors have been shared online. Picture: Greg Macvean

Scots activist hits out at Google over ‘right to be forgotten’

A political campaigner whose picture was published on a notorious far-right website has failed in their bid to have Google remove it from search engine results.

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Rsearch suggests girls at school look positively at digital technology subjects and careers.

Evelyn Walker: Tech full of opportunities for Scots women

Digital jobs beckon if we can bridge the gender divide in our classroom, writes Evelyn Walker

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The Edinburgh Remakery's computer expert Sotiris Katsimbas. Picture: Iain McLean

Scotland named one of world’s top ‘circular economy’ nations

From beer made from old bread rolls to industrial paint created from vegetable roots, Scotland is forging ahead in the race to turn what we throw away into something new and useful.

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Longannet power station in Fife was once the largest coal-fired facility of its kind in Europe. Picture: Michael Gillen/JP

Richard Dixon: Scotland could be a world leader on the environment

Many people would rather forget 2016 and its catalogue of mistakes, disasters and deaths.

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