Claire aims to encourage more Scots women to try STEM jobs

Claire Canning is an exception but wants to become the norm.

An example of dementia-friendly building design. Picture: Contributed

Architects turn to VR to help people with dementia

A new virtual reality (VR) system has been launched to help architects and designers make life easier for people with dementia.

snap40's device straps to a patient's arm and monitors their vital signs in real time. Picture: Contributed

Health tech start-up snap40 gets £1m shot in the arm

An Edinburgh healthcare technology start-up that has developed a device to monitor patients’ vital signs in real time has won a £1 million deal with NHS England that will help fund ongoing clinical studies.

Glasgow Cross is already home to a new tech incubator at the landmark Tontine building. Picture: John Devlin/TSPL

Merchant City to be Glasgow’s second innovation district

The Merchant City might be home to a wealth of designer shops and cocktail bars, but plans announced this week could see it become better known as a hub of technological innovation.

Political uncertainty mustn't dampen the pioneering spirit that created Dolly the cloned sheep, argues Luke Thurman. Picture: Julie Bull

Luke Thurman: Brexit must not hamper Scottish innovation

From penicillin to Dolly the Sheep, Scotland has innovation and scientific discovery in its blood.

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Apple boss Tim Cook meets Angela Reed at the tech firm's store in Glasgow. The CEO was in Scotland to receive an honorary doctorate of science. Picture: John Devlin/TSPL

Apple boss Tim Cook takes inspiration from Scottish student

The boss of the world’s most valuable company has revealed the inspiration he took from a chance meeting with a Scottish student living with cerebral palsy.

Aberdeen has seen its fortunes ebb and flow with the global oil market but the new technology centre initiative could provide some welcome stability. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Technology hub ushers in new era for oil sector

As the official opening of Aberdeen’s new Oil & Gas Technology Centre takes place, Scott Reid looks at how it hopes to raise the bar on industry innovation.

Find out how your business can embrace the future

Cloud event can boost your business

Discover how cloud computing is transforming business and how we safely transfer data at lightning speed.

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A male polar bear north of Svalbard. The region's ice is melting faster with each passing year. Picture: Andreas Weith/Wikicommons

Oban to host UK conference on Arctic research

Scotland’s position at the forefront of Arctic research in the UK was further boosted this week by the announcement a key sector conference will take place in Oban.

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Future-proofing your business's viability needs to begin today

Is your firm ready to reach for the stars?

The future isn’t just on the horizon, it’s up in the cloud – and bright businesses need to catch on quick.

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Kristian Tapaninaho, co-founder of outdoor oven specialist Uuni. Picture: Rikard Osterlund

Outdoor oven innovator smashes crowdfunding target

A Lothians designer is poised to launch an outdoor oven that can cook pizza in less than two minutes after smashing his fundraising target.

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Touch Bionics are creating world-class work in Scotland

5 examples of world-class innovation happening in Scotland right now

Fintech, LiFi and AI are the new buzzwords of business innovation, and Scottish entrepreneurs are speaking that language.

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Very Rev Albert Bogle who is the Kirk's first 'digital minister'

Former Moderator is Kirk’s first ‘digital minister’

A former Moderator has officially become the Church of Scotland’s first ever digital minister.

CodeClan chief executive Harvey Wheaton is eyeing growth in Glasgow and the west of Scotland. Picture: Jane Barlow

CodeClan eyes Glasgow expansion as digital demand soars

It’s already welcomed hundreds of aspiring coders, eager to find work in the booming digital sector, through its doors in Edinburgh.

A consultant gastroenterologist at Glasgow Royal Infirmary led the study. Picture: Stephen Mansfield/TSPL

Health test developed in Glasgow ‘leads the world’

Glasgow is leading the world on managing patients with gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding, according to a study.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon visits Clyde Space in 2016 to see first-hand the latest space technology being developed in their 'clean room'. Picture: John Devlin/TSPL

Glasgow builds more satellites than any other European city

Scotland’s space industry is growing thanks to a combination of private and public sector investment centred around Glasgow, a tech conference will hear this week.

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Industry expert eyes up 10 of Scotland's best

10 Scottish tech companies to watch in 2017

These days, Scotland is home to a growing number of digital technology businesses that are making a big impact on the tech and gaming world, from augmented reality and robotics to shopping made simple

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More than 350 students and professionals are expected to attend the event.

Ethical hackers head to Dundee for Securi-Tay

The next generation of ethical hackers will learn from some of Europe’s leading cyber security experts at a conference in Dundee next month.

George Goudsmit, managing director of AES Solar, said the UK still lags behind Europe in embracing renewable energy. Picture: Marc Hindley

Scottish company convinced The Queen to embrace solar power

With clients ranging from The Queen to the Scottish Parliament, a small company in Forres has been playing a leading role in Scotland’s renewables revolution for more than three decades.

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An aerial view of Edinburgh's New Town. The famous 18th century development is the subject of a lecture on innovation. Picture: Rob McDougall/TSPL

Scotland’s history of innovation to be explored in lectures

The Queensferry Crossing and the 250th anniversary of Edinburgh’s New Town are among the subjects to be discussed at a series of public lectures on innovation.

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