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Dani Garavelli: Trump’s hateful speech silences laughter

If you type the words “Will Donald Trump” into the Google search engine, the first suggestion it comes up with is “win the presidential election” and the second is “start World War III”. The fact neither of those prospects now seems outwith the bounds of possibility is both terrifying and proof of how much has changed since he announced his candidacy.

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Kirsty Blackman MP, whose two-year-old sat in on a select committee. Picture: Kenny Elrick

Leader: defiant MPs can make Westminster family friendly

Every parent with child of school age faces challenges when the summer holidays come round, whether arranging childcare or simply trying to keep kids amused for six long weeks.

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Philip Hammonds Autumn Statement will respond to economic indicators. Picture: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

Bill Jamieson: crisis that’s been staring us in the face

For the past few months we have been spared attention on the bigger and more immediate problems Scotland faces. As George Orwell once noted: “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.”

Ros Altmann was a tireless campaigner but had no political experience.

Jeff Salway: Why pensioners moved down the pecking order

The downgrading of the pensions minister’s position to under-secretary of state has been taken as a sign that the government isn’t interested in pensions.

Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon at Bute House. Picture: PA

Russell Gunson: Without good ideas Brexit means break-up

It’s only a month since the EU referendum vote, but in that time it feels like many of the foundations on which stood a generation or two of political certainties have been removed. This feeling may pass, but in a time of near constant flux and rapid change, one of the constants has been the refrain that “Brexit means Brexit”. However, what that means for the UK, never mind for Scotland, is not yet clear.

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1995: Jon Daly scored 282 to win the Open Championship at St Andrews. Picture: Jon Cuban/Allsport

On this day: Jon Daly wins Open at St Andrews

Events, birthdays and anniversaries on 23 July.

The Bank of England have said there is no sign of an economic downturn, though this may not always be the case. Picture: Getty

Leader comment: Future is not bright, however we measure it

Recent economic data has been contradictory, but even an optimist cannot say things look rosy at the moment

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The newly redesigned Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank uniforms were revealed with much fanfare this week, but should employees really have to wear matching outfits in this day and age? Picture: Robert Perry

Jane Bradley: Do we still need uniformed outfits in 2016?

From school tops to bespoke tartan or tweed work outfits, Jane Bradley asks if fashion conformity is still necessary

Barbecue meats are among the food and drink products that boom during hot temperatures. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Stephen Jardine: Sunshine helps stores weather Brexit storm

Sales of fizzy drinks and barbecue staples are booming, writes Stephen Jardine

Jeremy Corbyn has been fighting rebellion in the Labour Party ranks since he was elected leader last year. Picture: Getty

Paris Gourtsoyannis: Hot-tempered summer ahead for Labour

Labour has plenty of troubles ahead, whatever the outcome of the leadership vote, writes Paris Gourtsoyannis

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Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is surrounded by supporters as he arrives to launch his leadership campaign at a press conference in London. Picture: Getty

Joyce McMillan: New Labour, not Corbyn, to blame

THE only party that ever gave working people a voice looks like splitting, through no fault of leader, writes Joyce McMillan

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There is a grave danger here that Putin can turn it into political hot potato and use it to foster an anti-western feeling within Russia. Picture: AP

Leaders: Integrity of Olympics must be maintained

A BLANKET ban on Russian participation in the Rio Games makes sense – though it will also divide the country from the West

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The 2015 version of Macbeth, filmed  in places other than Moray, starred Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. Picture:  See Saw Films/Studio Canal / The Kobal Collection

Margery McLennan: Like Macbeth, Moray has vaulting ambition

WHAT to do when the film release of a Moray legend isn’t filmed in Moray? Carry on regardless, writes Margery McLennan

TVs dragons are like gladiators with very fat wallets. Picture: BBC

Jim Duffy: You need true grit if you want to be an entrepreneur

WHAT does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Jim Duffy reckons he knows the key to changing the world

Much of the A9 may yet remain unchanged for some years to come. Picture: TSPL

Alastair Dalton: Don’t wait for dualling to improve A9

IT’S a long road to travel for real improvements to the A9, writes Alastair Dalton

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The government has proposed a reduction of 50 per cent in the tax, starting in April 2018, with the tax to be completely abolished when resources allow. Picture: TSPL

Derek Halden: Planned cuts to APD could cause problems

GOVERNMENT plans to cut air passenger duty could land Scotland in financial trouble, says Derek Halden.

John  Swinney, the Deputy First Minister, to remove Susan OBrien as Chair of the Scottish Inquiry into child sex abuse. Picture: TSPL

Alistair Bonnington: One-party state is an enemy of democracy

NICOLA Sturgeon has failed to learn the first lesson, writes Alistair Bonnington

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Nicola Sturgeon came away from last weeks meeting with Theresa May wrongly thinking she had a veto on Brexit. Picture:  Steven Scott Taylor

Bill Jamieson: A serious case of referendum fatigue

Even if you’re turned off by talk of indref2, at least there’s a new honesty about the austerity it may involve, says Bill Jamieson

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Labour leadership contender Owen Smith launches his campaign.His position  as unity candidate was secured after he won the support of 18 more MPs and MEPs than Angela Eagle. Picture:  Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Tom Peterkin: Owen Smith a long way behind Jeremy Corbyn

Labour’s ‘unity candidate’ Owen Smith faces greater odds than his compatriot Neil Kinnock ever did, writes Tom Peterkin

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Cancer treatment can have a devastating effect on fertility. Picture: PA

Lizzy Buchan: Loss of fertility is devastating effect of cancer treatment

A cancer diagnosis is a devastating thing, which can spread tumour-like into every aspect of a patient’s life. As well as the physical effects, the disease can eat away at everything from jobs to relationships.

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