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Euan McColm: Real reasons we failed to reform drugs policy

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Dani Garavelli: Confederates’ army still fighting the cause

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Bill Jamieson: Sun also rises in land benighted by Brexit

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Leader: Defy the terrorists by exercising our freedoms

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David Hogg: Geographical accident could solve housing crisis

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Letter: Named Person Scheme belongs in the dustbin of history

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A Mori monitor recorded a 65 per cent satisfaction rating for Alex Salmond as First Minister in 2014. Picture: Scottish Government/PA Wire

Alex Salmond slams columnist in letter to the editor

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The SNP is a well-drilled political machine, where party unity is taken for granted, writes Euan. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Euan McColm: How SNP’s strict discipline is stifling debate

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University of Glasgow to open £32m Imaging Centre of Excellence

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Amelia Morgan: Venture Trust is out to help ex-service personnel

Graham Boyack, Director, Scottish Mediation

Graham Boyack: Scotland really needs to keep it simple when it comes to procedure in law cases

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Alcohol sales paint a useful and worrying national picture of how people in Scotland consume their favourite, and not always very expensive, tipple. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Alison Douglas: Cutting back on booze helps our health and lifts the load on the NHS

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Jeanette Forbes is the Chairperson of the JDRF Scottish Development Group

Jeanette Forbes: Scots can cope with the rise of Type 1 diabetes if they think positive

Members of the Principles for Responsible Management Education initiative of the United Nations Global Compact

Dr Alec Wersun: Academics fight for a better world