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Inside Transport: ScotRail falter in going Dutch on cycling, says Alastair Dalton

The railways were once said to have been afflicted by the wrong type of snow. It seems ScotRail’s latest problem is it has the wrong kind of bikes.

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TSB has plenty going for it on home turf, writes Martin Flanagan. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Martin Flanagan: TSB rising to the Brexit challenge

Challenger bank TSB has unveiled eye-catching progress in its latest results, both in terms of footprint and profits.

Nicola Sturgeon's SNP will not be able to rely for ever on the strikingly poor performance of other parties. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA

Joyce McMillan: Sturgeon faces tricky indyref2 balancing act

First Minister has to secure strong Brexit deal at same time as keeping independence hopes alive says Joyce McMillan

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Nissan has announced continued car manufacture at its plant in Sunderland after the UK government made assurances and promised support following the vote to leave the EU. Picture Getty Images

Leader comment: Economic good news may be a flash in the pan

There was much outrage over George Osborne’s desperate warnings of immediate economic fallout after a Brexit vote, many saying they were nothing less than a desperate attempt to scare people in to voting to Remain.

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Binmen are rarely shown any appreciation, other than at Christmas time.

Leader comment: Bin the ban on Christmas cheer

Bah humbug stories are as regular as Christmas itself, but East Dunbartonshire Council has pulled a cracker with its block on gifts of alcohol or cash for bin men.

The film Shout Gladi Gladi celebrates the extraordinary people who rescue African women from a medical condition that can turn them into reviled outcasts.

Jim Duffy: Inspired by those who make a big difference in a small way

Low expectations ahead of a charity event were confounded by a moving story of dignity and new opportunity says Jim Duffy

The ideal solution would have been an airport on the Thames estuary, says Bill Jamieson

Bill Jamieson: Turbulence trouble over Heathrow

The on-going row over an airport runway in London could eventually be enough to trigger a general election, says Bill Jamieson

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Scotland's Chief Medical Officer has called for doctors to embrace a culture of 'realistic medicine'.

Lizzy Buchan: Changing ‘a pill for every ill’ attitudes is a welcome move

If you could take a cocktail of drugs for the rest of your days, which might save your life but could also offer side effects while not achieving much, what would you do?

Local supporters would turn out to back a No vote, as they did in 2014, but who would lead the campaign if a second referendum was called? Picture: Robert Perry

Tom Peterkin: The tricky task of reprising the No campaign

Nicola Sturgeon’s indyref2 threat poses a series of challenges and dilemmas for No campaigners writes Tom Peterkin

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The Scottish Fishermen's Federation has said that the UK leaving the EU opens up a "sea of opportunity" for Scotland and the UK to get more of the fish taken from UK waters.

Leader comment: Sea change will test the negotiators

If we needed any more indication that the business of the UK exiting the European Union and how that will affect Scotland was going to be a difficult and complex affair, we got it yesterday.

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NHS Scotland faces "major challenges" says an Audit Scotland report. Picture: Greg Macvean

Leader comment: No future in a health service we can’t afford

The Scottish Government states that our health budget is at its highest ever level, but today’s Audit Scotland report renders that statistic relatively meaningless.

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Louise Robertson of StAnza

Stars of poetry prepare to shine in St Andrews

In 2017 Scotland will celebrate its unique heritage and history over 12 months that have been designated the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology. With a diverse programme of activity planned to encourage visitors to Scotland and boost our events sector, we at StAnza, Scotland’s International Poetry Festival, are proud to be part of this special year. We will be embracing these themes in our own programme as we look ahead to StAnza 2017 which takes place in the beautiful town of St Andrews from 1-5 March.

The National Museum Of Scotland signage in Chambers Street. Picture: Scott Louden

Partnership is key to sharing treasures of the nation

National Museums Scotland has sites in East Lothian (the National Museum of Flight) and East Kilbride (the National Museum of Rural Life) and in Edinburgh. The flagship National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street remains the most popular museum in the UK outside London, the National War Museum is housed in Edinburgh Castle and the vast collection – over 12 million objects – is stored, conserved and used for research at the National Museums Collection Centre in the north of the capital.

Pine Tree Pogle and Me, outreach performance Cornton Nursery

A place to create art powered by people

The arts give us an opportunity to explore our thoughts and feelings about life. Sometimes, it’s an opportunity to see into someone else’s world, to experience different worldviews and to see life through a different lens. At other times it’s a chance to see your own place in the world articulated, re-presented and shared with a wider audience. And it can also be a chance to share a collective experience with those around us, to come together to create richly vibrant communities.

Jackie Wylie was artistic director at The Arches in Glasgow for seven years before it closed last summer.

Joyce McMillan: The ‘inspired’ appointment of Jackie Wylie

In appointing Jackie Wylie as artistic director, the board of the National Theatre of Scotland achieves three things at a stroke.

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With coffee beans priced in dollars, the weak pound is hitting profit margins at Costa parent Whitbread. Picture: Julie Bull

Martin Flanagan: Whitbread counts Costa of weak pound

The times of austerity have largely passed the coffee industry by.

With his presidential campaign stooping from one crisis to the next, Donald Trump is expected to launch his own TV network after Novembers election. Picture: AP.

Martyn McLaughlin: How Trump TV will make television grate again

With Donald Trump expected to launch his own TV network as his presidential campaign peters out, Martyn McLaughlin previews the first day’s programming.

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Missing persons work is one of the most demand-intensive areas of police work.

Malcolm Graham: Work is underway to shape the police force of the future

The publication earlier this month of figures showing a fall in murders in Scotland focussed attention on a very visible demand on police resources.

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Falling student bursaries and rising student debt are a block to further education for those from poorer backgrounds. Picture: John Devlin

Leader comment: Student debt underlines attainment gap

The Scottish Government’s response to new figures on student funding and debt was telling. With the number of students receiving bursaries and grants falling from 69,960 in 2009/10 to 49,815, and debt per year going up from £185.8 million in 2006/07 to £486.3m in 2015/16, there was no attempt to defend the figures.

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Nicola Sturgeon held Brexit talks in London this week, but faces hard questions here in Scotland. Picture: Getty Images

Scott Macnab: Austerity dilemma won’t go away

The Climate of Austerity may have failed - but stark choices still face political leaders in Scotland writes Scott Macnab

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