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Leaders: Labour fighting against the tide benefits no-one

The party needs to put its house in order and become a viable opposition to give voters a genuine choice and uphold democracy

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Under current rules private tutors are not required to undergo any background checks before offering lessons to young people. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Jane Bradley: Regulation is needed for tutors

There seems to be just one industry where workers can have contact with children without checks, says Jane Bradley

Tesco removed the Saltire from Scottish strawberries in England. Picture: TSPL

Stephen Jardine: Scottish produce is in demand overseas

Even if Tesco is removing the saltire from strawberries says Stephen Jardine

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Jeremy Corbyn manages a smile in Edinburgh this week  Labour voters seeking an election win are not so happy. Picture: SWNS

Paris Gourtsoyannis: Corbynistas are content with failure

The people who make up the majority of Jeremy Corbyn’s support aren’t hung up on victory, writes Paris Gourtsoyannis

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Start-ups can only benefit from business support but how that is implemented defines just how useful that support will be. Picture: John Devlin

Jim Duffy: Scottish Enterprise no longer fit for purpose

No amount of cute titles and clever acronyms can disguise the need to support and nurture new business, writes Jim Duffy

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Security has been high on the post-Brexit agenda for Police Scotland. Picture: John Devlin

Leaders: Police Scotland steps up to mark on Brexit security

There are many unknowns post-Brexit, but Police Scotland has put the nation’s security and fight against terrorism top of the agenda

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The rapid acceleration of UK tax on tobacco has driven consumers to find cheaper sources of tobacco. Picture: John Devlin

Giles Roca: Cigarette taxation must be stubbed out without delay

The illegal trade in contraband tobacco continues to be a growing carbuncle on the UK’s balance sheet, writes Giles Roca

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Anne (right) and her niece Karen. Picture: Contributed

Anne and Karen’s story reveals what is done by Birthlink

The road to creating an adoption reunion can be long and winding

French attempts to ban the wearing of burkinis is sending out all the wrong signals to all the wrong people. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Joyce McMillan: Burkini ban is a symptom of failure

Bid to appease the far right by hitting at easy target is gesture politics at its most dangerous writes Joyce McMillan

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The Flying Scotsman's return to Scotland earlier this year was a truimph. Picture: Neil Hanna

Alastair Dalton: Plans for steam services have hit the buffers

Steam was the exciting new plan for the latest ScotRail franchise.

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Nicola Sturgeon promised a second oil boom. Picture; Getty

Ian Murray: GERS statistics a reality check on independence

On Tuesday, the SNP government published an analysis showing that Brexit could cost Scotland over £11 billion. But they have failed to produce a similar analysis of the economic risks of independence.

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Nicola Sturgeon will have to come up with more convincing economic arguments if she is to push for a second independence referendum. Picture: Neil Hanna

Leaders: Time to wake up to Scotland’s bottom line

GERS figures offer no reason to believe a second independence referendum would produce anything other than a repeat result

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Plantations like Stridingarches Byre at Locharbrigg are restricted to 75 per cent or even 65 per cent of a single productive species. Picture: Contributed

Andrew Heald: Sustainability is seeing the wood for the trees

The UK needs more home-grown timber but producing it is another matter, writes Andrew Heald

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Global superbug response needs $5bn each year, experts predict.

Lizzy Buchan: Women should not be afraid to discuss HRT

New research suggesting the risks around hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have been underestimated is likely to cause a few hearts to sink.

The fishing industrys backing for Brexit is not small-minded anti-European jingoism. Picture: Contributed

Simon Collins: Fisheries’ backing for Brexit not narrow minded

Communities want control of the fish they catch, writes Simon Collins

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The social housing charters introduction has helped to focus landlords on improving their performance. Picture: PA

Kirsty Wells: Assessing the Scottish Social Housing Charter

Quality is on the rise following drive for higher standards writes Kirsty Wells

A WEexit would let Northern Ireland and Scotland stay within  the European Union while Wales and England leave. Picture: Getty Images

Peter Sellar and John Bell: Will Wales and England go for WEexit?

With Brexit looking ever more complex, how about another solution, ask European law experts Peter Sellar and John Bell

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Nationalist calls for a second independence referendum continue but they look likely to be disappointed. Picture: John Devlin

Bill Jamieson: Scotland’s problems are bigger than Brexit

The latest Gers figures will make Indyref2 an even harder sell for First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, writes Bill Jamieson

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Scotland's deficit could prevent any future attempts to gain access to the European Union.

Daniel Mahoney: GERS figures a blow for Scottish independence

In the early part of this decade, Scotland and the UK were facing similar economic challenges. Its budget deficits were roughly equal. The new figures published by the Scottish Government, however, highlight how Scotland’s fiscal position has since dramatically deteriorated compared to the UK as a whole.

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Tesco admitted removing Saltires from packaging after English customers complained. Picture: PA

Leaders: Tesco’s strawberry fields are harvesting discord

Supermarket may be jumping out of the Saltire frying pan into the Union flag fire as it claims to be looking for political neutrality

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