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Be careful not to fall for the slick patter of claims firms

Aggressive marketing over the phone leading to a rise in cases going to court, writes Kirsty Yuill

We now turn to the future in a post-Brexit Britain. Picture: AFP/Getty

No rush to build a bonfire of workers’ rights after Brexit

Substantial changes in employment law are not likely in the short-term, writes Kerry Norval

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn after casting his vote on EU at a polling station in Islington, London. Picture: PA

John McTernan: Brexit one of many reasons Corbyn must go

Jeremy Corbyn has a mandate! Those words have been thrown at any Labour MP who has questioned the ­performance, let alone the wisdom of Corbyn as leader. But the question was always – what was that mandate for precisely? A new form of politics? And what did that mean? The answer’s clear now – it meant complete and utter incompetence.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is presiding over a deficit in Scotlands finances of �14.9 billion and its current share of the EU membership fee is �1.6 billion. Picture: Neil Hanna

Brian Monteith: Scots Remain vote doesn’t justify indyref 2

Scots pro-Remain vote is no justification for another independence referendum, writes Brian Monteith

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Picture: AFP/Getty

Bill Jamieson: Whatever next for experts caught on the hop?

Sterling shock, stock market shock, political shock: each one seismic, each one confidence shaking – and each one utterly unforeseen by pundits, professional investors, wealth managers and hedge funds.

On this day in 1991, tanks and helicopters clashed in the first fighting of the Yugoslav civil war. Picture: AFP/Getty

On this day: Fighting begins in Yugoslav civil war

Events, birthdays and anniversaries on 27 June.

The First Minister should proceed with caution. Picture: Jane Barlow

Leader comment: Let caution be Nicola Sturgeon’s watchword

Could Scotland place a constitutional block on the UK’s exit from the EU? In raising the prospect of ­Holyrood refusing to give legislative consent to last Thursday’s UK-wide referendum result, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has given this already fraught constitutional issue an ­explosive dimension.

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Whisky Galore! closed the Edinburgh film festival. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Brian Ferguson: Whisky Galore breathes life into set-jetting

There appears little to link the great hall of Edinburgh Castle with the lone public house on the Hebridean island of Eriskay. I have the Edinburgh International Film Festival to thank for these unlikely back-to-back encounters.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is under major pressure. Picture: AFP/Getty

Leader comment: Weakened Jeremy Corbyn must resign

If the bitter Conservative Party ­division was not enough, Labour has now shown that it, too, has fallen victim to the EU referendum wrecking ball.

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Demonstrators hold up placards as they protest outside the British Parliament in central London. Picture: AFP/Getty

Lesley Riddoch: Nicola Sturgeon a post-Brexit voice of reason

Nicola Sturgeon offers a calm voice of reason after the turmoil of Brexit, says Lesley Riddoch

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The Scottish Government must move quickly over housing. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Planning review can help in homes crisis

Recommendations are a mixed bag but quick implementation is essential to help build more houses, writes June Gilles

The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission helped consumers complain about their lawyer. Picture: Neil Hanna

Changing landscape sees consumer issues rise up the agenda

But there are still barriers to businesses, writes Neil Stevenson

Dan Jarvis could take a lesson from Nicola Sturgeon if he was put in charge of Labour. Photograph: Laura Lean/PA

Euan McColm: Look no further than Dan Jarvis for the right kind of anti-Boris

The result of Thursday’s EU referendum has already cost one party leader his job. Within days, it should bring down a second.

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Joanna Redman, 23, and Beth Goodenough, 24, get stuck into this years mud bath. Photograph: Adam Gray/SWNS

Dani Garavelli: jealous of your offspring? Remember how miserable music festivals are

The worst thing about having teenagers is not the tetchiness, the hormones or the slamming of bedroom doors; it’s the intense jealousy you feel as life unfurls like a flower in front of them. No-one really warns you about that.

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Nicola Sturgeon briefs the press outside Bute House yesterday. Picture: Neil Hanna

Leader: Sturgeon must find out whether Scotland can join EU

When Nicola Sturgeon addressed the media just hours after the UK voted to leave the European Union, her tone won her new admirers from the ranks of those who would not normally be considered supporters.

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A prolonged and damaging period of uncertainty looms

Jeff Salway: After Brexit, two years of austerity may be wishful thinking

By 8.10am on Friday morning the warnings issued by the doom-mongers of “project fear” already felt somewhat quaint and restrained.

Piocture: Getty

Colin Borland: Minimising Brexit impact must be top priority

IT’S business as usual for Scotland’s small businesses but we need to know what Brexit will mean for us, says Colin Borland

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Kirsty Wark campaigns for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Listening Project at Glasgow Western Necropolis

Why Kirsty Wark will never forget the thousands of war dead in Scots graves

Fought between July and November 1916, the Battle of the Somme was one of the defining events of the First World War.

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Governor Mark Carney said the Bank of England was prepared for the crisis

Bill Jamieson: Don’t panic – just recall how wrong the pound and markets were

Among the many shattering consequences of the UK’s Vote Leave decision, one should not quickly be forgotten: the damning fallibility of predictions – those of pundits, betting agencies and opinion pollsters. These were among the first casualties.

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