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Janet Christie’s Mum’s the Word

Youngest Child and I are in the waiting room at the dentist because she woke up with a jaw like Desperate Dan. I told her this, and I think she may have laughed, I know I did, but it was hard to tell. Perhaps not.

British Transport Police on Glasgow Queen Street Station
Rail trains railway

Leader comment: Railway policing on right track

The Scottish Government’s plans to integrate railway policing currently done by the British Transport Police into Police Scotland is no small step and it should be carefully considered

Opinion 3
There are more television channels on offer than anyone could need or want, and we would have more fun at Christmas if we all watched the same show together.

Jane Bradley: How to channel the Christmas spirit

We should forget the vast range of choices on TV and instead get everyone together to share the festive experience says Jane Bradley

Opinion 2
Former footballers and victims of abuse Mark Williams, Andy Woodward, Steve Walters and Jason Dunford at the launch of The Offside Trust to help victims of abuse. Picture: Getty Images

Leader comment: All victims of abuse must have equal justice

The extent of the abuse in football is now revealed as truly shocking, with 83 potential suspects and 98 clubs involved at the latest count from the National Police Chiefs’ Council, with the investigations spanning all tiers of football. And there can be little doubt that the tally will grow. Police forces across the country are continuing to receive calls.

Denmark is home to one of the world's best restaurants, Noma in Copenhagen. Picture: Getty Images

Stephen Jardine: Food is so good in wonderful Copenhagen

No reason why Scotland can’t have same success as Denmark says Stephen Jardine

The John Lewis adverts have become a Christmas institution. Picture: Contributed

Jemma Goba: The importance of social video

With such dramatic expectation and hysterical excitement surrounding the annual unveiling of the John Lewis Christmas advert, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Media & Leisure 1
Paul Weller back in 1977 as lead singer with The Jam, a band whose lyrics can still be applied to circumstances today. Picture: Andre Csillag/REX/Shutterstock

Jim Duffy: Cut down on beer or the kids’ new gear? It’s still a big decision

The political and social insight demonstrated in Paul Weller’s songwriting remains relevant 34 years later says Jim Duffy

Opinion 2
A member of the government forces pushes an injured woman in a wheelchair as civilians are evacuated from Aleppo's al-Shaar neighbourhood. Picture: Getty Images

Joyce McMillan: Only defiant political activism can save us now

The world has failed Aleppo, and our leaders will not take action unless a grassroots uprising forces them says Joyce McMillan

Opinion 41
Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson embarrassed Britain after telling a confeerence that thecountry's ally Saudi Arabia was a puppeteer conducting proxy wars. Picture Getty Images

Leader: Boris’s village has obviously not reported him missing

A Foreign secretary who travels around the world saying things which are not the position of his government is a novel concept. It must be like a company employing a salesman to travel round the world not selling its products.

Opinion 10
Pink and blue labelling for girls and boys starts at birth.

Leader comment: Toying with change is not enough

The aisles of department stores are perhaps not the most obvious battlegrounds for gender equality. Manufacturers have found themselves under increasing pressure from campaigners to consign blue and pink packaging to the past.

Opinion 1
05-05-2016. Picture Michael Gillen. GRANGEMOUTH. Grangemouth Town Hall, polling place. Scottish Parliament election 2016. Voting gets under way.

It’s time to take a new look at how local democracy engages people

Voter turnout in council elections has been declining for a number of years. So what can we do to turn that around in next year’s elections?

Jane Wood, Managing Directror of Business in the Community Scotland

Businesses are getting together to fight for a fairer society

As one of the world’s richest countries the scale of poverty in Scotland, and the widespread impact of this on our society, is completely unacceptable. It represents a woeful under utilisation of our talent and resources. At Business in the Community Scotland, we believe it’s not right to accept this waste, and we are determined to work with business to ensure our economy benefits all of us.

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Loganair managing director Jonathan Hinkles. Picture: Nick Ponty

Alastair Dalton: Loganair to set a new course into the unknown

For “Scotland’s Airline”, it could be a bright future - or its biggest test.

Transport 4
The latest edition of Vision Scotland.

Ian Stewart: Responsible business is at the heart of the nation

“You know, this is a business. I’m not doing this for an Esther Rantzen Heart of Gold, or if Esther’s handing out awards, then do it for my charity work. Five fun runs in two years.”

Finance secretary Derek Mackay has an opportunity to return the focus to domestic issues when he delivers the Scottish Government's draft budget next week. Picture: John Devlin

Bill Jamieson: SNP has a golden opportunity for a reset

Switching the focus to domestic matters can restore a sense of driving mission for the Scottish Government says Bill Jamieson

Opinion 87
A poor diet - such as consuming fizzy drinks - is one of the complex factors around obesity in children.

Leader comment: One small step towards healthier youngsters

Research shows that children are more influenced by advertising than adults, so any restrictions on advertising for children will have a disproportionately positive effect. That’s just one reason why new rules on advertising food high in fat, salt and sugar are to be welcomed.

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf's problems started with trains. Now, it's car insurance. Picture: Jane Barlow

Leader comment: Let’s ‘insure’ that changes are made

It is often the way; when you are on the ropes the punches just keep rolling in. That certainly is how Scotland’s beleaguered transport minister must feel.

Opinion 16
Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell attends a CPR training event at Beeslack High School

Lizzy Buchan: Join us to help save lives by learning CPR

If someone lay prostrate on the ground before you, not breathing and rapidly changing colour, what would you do?

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has called for constitutional convention to re-establish the UK for a new age. Picture: PA

Tom Peterkin: Dugdale gives her answer to the Yes/No question

Scottish Labour’s constitutional position is ambitious but at least it’s a strategy says Tom Peterkin

Opinion 19
Emily Murtagh, Research Associate with the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics

When an ‘inspirational’ film sends out depressing, dangerous message

This year’s film Me Before You, based on Jojo Moyes 2012 novel of the same name, was a big hit at the box office this summer. It is easy to see why, with two gorgeous leads, a mesmerising soundtrack and the promise of a devastating love story. But the movie, in its light and fluffy packaging, presents a troubling representation of assisted suicide and disability (big spoilers ahead).

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