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Why you should always leave the office on time

I genuinely believe that we all need to practice the art of leaving the office on time.

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Brian Wilson: Westminster should kick out indyref2

The BBC’s announcement of a new Scottish channel is terrific news – a truly imaginative initiative which will create great opportunities for our creative talents. Better still that one of the key intents is to expand access for Scottish content to UK-wide audiences and beyond.

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Tax is an issue with many offshore-linked limited partnerships. Picture: John Devlin

James McGachie: Reform needed to keep financial reputation

They have been around for more than 100 years, but until the last decade Scottish Limited Partnerships (SLPs) were generally only in use in private equity and investment funds, their tax status and corporate status viewed as attractive to those in legitimate financial activities.

Elaine Bone, director of event management firm Brightstar Scotland, which has opened an office at Gleneagles Station

Alastair Dalton: All change for the better at Scotland’s most historic stations

They used to be thriving community hubs, even with only relatively few trains a day.

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Elton John was the original Rocket Man, burning up his fuse up there alone. His 1970s song summarises so well what its like to be lonely out in space, says Jim Duffy. Picture: Rbt Stigwood Prods/Hemdale/REX/Shutterstock

Jim Duffy: Life as a Rocket Man gives me new perspective on the world

Elton John sang that it was cold as hell in space, and I know what he means as I go through a time of transition says Jim Duffy

Many Tory MPs now seem to hold views indistinguishable from those of Paul Nuttall, above, and Nigel Farage. Picture: Getty Images

Joyce McMillan: Running scared of a vocal minority

With the dominant Tories turning into Ukip-lite and Labour in disarray, Farage & co have been allowed to call the shots says Joyce McMillan

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The Scottish Government is  ready to look into the prospect of taking over vital North Sea platforms and pipelines to help support the industry through the current price slump. Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Leader comment: Beware governments buying businesses

It is stated regularly in these columns that the economy is likely to get worse following Brexit, and that the indicators show now, as we wait for the full import of leaving the EU to bite, that the Scottish economy is lagging behind the UK economy.

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Emmanuelle de Vito is Social Policy Assistant at Citizens Advice Edinburgh.

Emmanuelle de Vito: Counting the cost of making a claim

Last month, HMRC published a list of the most bizarre excuses employers had given as a reason for underpaying minimum wage to their workers.

Emmanuel Macron has nailed his colours firmly to the centrist, pro-EU mast  the UK should take note. Picture: Getty Images

Euan McColm: March of the moderates offers hope

French situation shows that there is still solid support for credible and pragmatic politicians writes Euan McColm

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The Istanbul Convention is aimed at ending violence against women

Deidre Brock: Time for women to be Audacious

Istanbul – city of two continents, one foot in Europe, one foot in Asia, with the Bosphorous flowing between them.

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David Alexander shares six points that buy-to-let investors 'cannot afford to ignore'. Picture: Ian Georgeson

David Alexander: Six keys to buy-to-let success

Most landlords make a success of buy-to-let but not doing so is usually down to one reason: failure to carry out due diligence.

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Lloyds is in 'renewed health after a long time in intensive care', writes Martin Flanagan. Picture: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Martin Flanagan: Lloyds emerges from shadow of crash

Lloyds Banking Group has emerged from its HBOS-induced nightmare, with levels of profit – at £4.24 billion – last seen before the financial crash.

Frances Simpson, CEO Support in Mind Scotland.

Frances Simpson: Mental illness remains a barrier to physical care

It is almost a year since the project Equally Fit was launched to tackle the shocking statistic that people in Scotland with mental illness are dying up to 20 years sooner than their mentally well peers.

For many men, attempts to manage problems lead them to isolate themselves, relying on coping strategies that provide short-term relief, for example alcohol or working excessively

James Jopling: Loneliness is a risk factor and may be a catalyst for other dangers

Many of us can feel lonely sometimes. Many more of us can perfectly justifiably yearn for some time alone. The idea of a Sunday newspaper, fried egg sandwich and silence are of great appeal to me.

Polish, Czech, Dutch, Norwegian and American servicemen in Europe during the Second World War. PICTURE: Getty Images

Kenny MacAskill: It’s a distortion to say Britain fought against Europe

It’s not just fake news but the falsifying of history that’s happening under President Donald Trump. The most recent falsehood referenced a terrorist incident in Sweden which was unbeknown to the Scandinavian Government, never mind a population of 10 million. He justified himself by claiming it was based on a Fox News reports on escalating crime in that country caused by migrants.

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The BBC is to create a new channel for Scotland as part of plans which will see the "biggest single investment" in the corporation north of the border for more than 20 years. Picture:  Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Leader comment: New BBC channel welcome but not a game-changer

The announcement that the BBC is to launch a new channel in Scotland is to be welcomed – but let us get it in context.

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In Zambia, there is only one anaesthetist per one million people. Picture: Getty Images

Niharika Lal: Only one third of the world’s population can access safe surgery

Having worked as a doctor for seven years, I have always had a keen awareness that not everyone has the luxury of a free, world-class healthcare system at their doorstep; that there were less fortunate people living in remote areas of the world where access to quality healthcare is woefully limited.

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Protecting leader Kezia Dugdale  may be a sensible idea for Scottish Labour, but whether continuity at the top will be enough to make a difference at the ballot box is another matter.

Tom Peterkin: Labour’s challenges are not all about Corbyn

Kezia Dugdale has much to offer but she has some tricky hurdles to overcome as she heads to conference, says Tom Peterkin

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The new Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick outside New Scotland Yard on Victoria Embankment, London, after she became the first woman to hold the most senior post in British policing. Picture: Charlotte Ball/PA Wire

Leader comment: Right person for Met job

A woman being the first to be appointed to a particular job should not really be worth remarking upon in this day and age unless it is seen as a criticism that it has taken so long for the organisation to get with the times.

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Cosmedicare has been inundated with inquiries and bookings from a cross-section of the Scottish population

Gill Baird: The breast boom hasn’t gone bust – these claims need surgical examination

Every year the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) releases a headline-grabbing statistical overview of cosmetic surgery trends.

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