Obituary: Alan Young, actor

Born: 19 November 1919, in North Shields, Northumberland. Died: 19 May 2016, in Woodland Hills, California, aged 96.

Barrister was a minister in Northern Ireland. Picture: PA

Obituary: Lord Mayhew

Lord Mayhew of Twysden. Born 11 September 1929 in Kent. Died 25 June 2016 in Kent. Aged 86.

Musician was Elvis Presleys first guitarist. Picture: Getty

Obituary: Scotty Moore

Scotty Moore, the pioneering rock guitarist whose sharp, graceful style helped Elvis Presley shape his revolutionary sound and inspired a generation of musicians that included Keith Richards, Jimmy Page and Bruce Springsteen, died Tuesday. He was 84.

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Indian body builder Manohar Aich. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Obituary: Manohar Aich, bodybuilder

Born: 17 March 1912, Comilla, Bengal, British India. Died: 5 June 2016, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, aged 104.

Award-winning author Austin Clarke wrote about the immigrant experience. Picture: AP

Obituary: Austin Clarke, author

Born: 26 July, 1934. Died 26 June, 2016

Musician was known for his work with Richard Thompson and Steeleye Span

Obituary: Pete Zorn, musician

Born: Somerset, Pennsylvania, 29 May 1950. Died: London, England, 19 April 2016, aged 65.

Professor Bob Holman. Picture: contributed

Obituary: Bob Holman

Bob Holman, co-founder of Family Action in Rogerfield and Easterhouse Project (FARE) in Glasgow.

Born: 8 November 1936 in Essex.

Died: 15 June 2016 in Glasgow. Aged 79.

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Award-winning livestock breeder whose Blackface sheep broke records. Picture: contributed

Obituary: Graham Scott McClymont

Graham Scott McClymont, master livestock breeder.

Born: 9 March 1941 in The Cuil, Newton Stewart.

Died: 6 June 2016 The Cuil, Newton Stewart.

Pacy winger starred for Plymouth and Birmingham, but never his native Scotland. Picture: contributed

Obituary: Alex Govan

Alex Govan, footballer.

Born: 16 June 1929, in Glasgow.

Died 10 June, 2016 in Plymouth

Multi-talented singer moved on to comedy, film and TV. Picture: Contributed

Obituary: Paul McDowell, actor, musician, painter, teacher and writer

Born: 15 August 1931. Died: 2 May 2016, aged 84.

Aviator was the last survivor of the ill-fated Augsburg Raid. Picture: Contributed

Obituary: Patrick Dorehill, DSO DFC and Bar, aviator

Born: 4 July, 1921, at Fort Victoria, Southern Rhodesia (now Masvingo, Zimbabwe). Died: 7 June, 2016, at Crowborough, East Sussex, aged 94

Johnny Coyle, footballer and Dundee United record breaker. Picture: Contributed

Obituary: John Cohen Coyle

John Cohen Coyle, footballer.
Born: 28 September, 1932, in Dundee. Died: 14 May, 2016, in Cambridge, aged 83.

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Jane Fawcett, who has died aged 95. Picture: Contributed

Obituary: Jane Fawcett, MBE

Jane Fawcett, MBE. Worked at Bletchley Park and for the Victorian Society.
Born: 4 March, 1921 in London. Died: 21 May, 2016 in London, aged 95.

Henry McCullough, on the right, with Paul McCartney and other members of the band Wings in the 1970s. Picture: Getty Images

Obituary: Henry McCullough, guitarist

Born: Portstewart, Northern Ireland, 2 July 1943. Died: Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, 14 June 2016, aged 72

Raymond Menmuir, Australian TV producer behind the success of The Professionals. Picture: Contributed

Obituary: Raymond Menmuir, Australian TV producer

Born: 10 September, 1930 in Perth, Australia. Died: 26 March, 2016 in Toronto, Australia, aged 86.

Ian Michael Scott Park CBE, lawyer was thrown into the spotlight during the Piper Alpha case. Picture: Contributed

Obituary: Ian Michael Park CBE. lawyer and honorary sheriff

Born: 7 April, 1938 in Aberdeen. Died: 25 May, 2016, in Aberdeen, aged 78.

Bernard Shrimsley, journalist who rose from messenger boy to edit three tabloids. Picture: News Group Newspapers Ltd

Obituary: Bernard Shrimsley, journalist and author

Born: 13 January 1931. Died: 9 June 2016, aged 85.

Tom Leppard, hermit had leopard spots tattooed over 99.2 per cent of his body. Picture: PA

Obituary: Thomas Wooldridge aka Tom Leppard, hermit and former military man

Born: 14 October, 1935. Died: 12 June 2016, in Inverness, aged 80

Jean-Claude Decaux, entrepreneur who pioneered outdoor advertising. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Obituary: Jean-Claude Decaux, ad man and entrepreneur

Born: 15 September 1937, Beauvais, France. Died: 27 May 2016, Paris, aged 78.

Michael Manser

Obituary: Michael Manser, architect

Michael Manser, architect Born: 23 March 1929, Bristol. Died: 8 June 2016, London, aged 87

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