Commonwealth Games: Dancing policeman goes viral

Waiting for Video...

A VIDEO of Glasgow policeman has gone viral after he encapsulated the spirit of the fun and friendliness of the Commonwealth Games by dancing with a woman during a party in the Merchant City.

Another member of the crowd captured the moment on video and it was quickly shared on Facebook and Twitter and viewed by thousands. In the video, the unidentifed policeman slow dances with the crowd member in the city’s Hutcheson street, while ‘How do you like your eggs in the morning’ by Dean Martin plays in the background.

People took to social media to show their support and most hoped the policeman wouldn’t be censured for his actions.

Ross McCafferty (@RossMcCaff) of Glasgow, tweeted: “Dancing policeman is quality. Let’s hope he doesn’t get his collar felt” while Laura Rafferty @LauraRaff84 wrote:”People make Glasgow” after seeing the video. Meanwhile, another user Gerry from Glasgow, dubbed him ‘PC twinkle toes.’

Amanda Goodfellow commented on facebook, saying that she thought it was great to see the police ‘getting into the spirit of the Games’ and showing visitors to the city what Glasgow is all about.




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