Here's proof of whisky's warming power

A WEE dram is often recommended for a bit of inner warmth, but the water of life could soon be heating an entire district.

A pilot project, which will see the first district heating scheme based in a distillery, is being set up at the home of the Old Pulteney in Wick. It will produce environmentally-friendly power and reduce heating and electricity bills for nearly 600 householders.

The distillery has been selected as the base for Scotland’s first biomass-fuelled heat and power scheme.

Spearheaded by Highland Council and Integrated Energy Utilities, the first phase of the project will cost 3.5 million.

If that is successful, plans include rolling out the initiative to businesses and organisations, including Wick High School.

Old Pulteney was selected due to its "worm condenser" technique, which helps to create its distinctive taste and aroma but is more costly and less efficient than more modern production methods. The condenser will be used to trade waste heat generated during distillation for steam created by the scheme.

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