Analysis: 'You have to expect these types of remarks'

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I think it's quite harsh to sack Andy Gray - at times people take these kinds of comments too seriously. He did a really good job as a commentator at Sky Sports and they're going to find it hard to replace him.

Taking remarks out of context isn't necessarily the right thing to do and I feel people should lighten up more on the subject.I'm sure that Sian Massey would not have complained about what he said.

When you go into that type of environment, you know there is a lot of banter surrounding football teams and football games.

If you're a female working in football in any capacity you have to expect these types of remarks. There are a lot of women now who are presenters and linesmen and referees and they are doing a very good job.

If they keep their head down and continue to show they have the knowledge that they do, then they'll look better for it, rather than complaining about every little thing.

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