Academic in new CV scandal

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A SENIOR academic whose claims about his Scottish roots were exposed as lies in The Scotsman last year has been forced to quit another job after providing more misleading information to his new employers.

Dr Scott Peake had already been forced to step down from his post as director of the Saltire Society after his claims to have been born on the island of Raasay and to be a fluent Gaelic speaker were found to be false.

Now he has resigned from his new post as Head of Classics at an independent fee-paying school in England - before he had even taken up the position - after the school discovered discrepancies in the personal information he had supplied.

Dr Peake had been due to join the teaching staff at the 5,300 a term Leys School, in Cambridge, in September.

But after the school was alerted to The Scotman’s coverage of his resignation from the Saltire Society it decided to investigate further.

Staff then discovered that Dr Peake had again supplied false information about his age, claiming to be 34 when he was apparently 38, and also continuing to refer to himself as being born and bred in Scotland.

Yesterday Jonathan Supper, the school’s spokesman, said Dr Peake had been asked to provide the school with further documentation, including his birth certificate, before taking up his post but had decided instead to resign. He said: "The Leys has recently been alerted to reports in The Scotsman that Dr Peake had made a number of false claims about himself, in particular his having been born in Scotland, which led to his resignation from the prestigious Saltire Society."

He said Dr Peake had attempted to explain away the discrepancy over his age by attributing it to a typographical error and had assured the school that there were no further irregularities in his curriculum vitae.

But he said further investigation with Dr Peake’s previous employer, Dollar Academy, had raised fresh doubts.

He said: "This matter was further confused when Dollar Academy indicated that their records suggested a third possible date of birth."

He added: "Dr Peake contacted The Leys today to say that he felt his position had become ‘untenable’ and resigned."

Dr Peake was appointed Head of Classics at the school in April after Dollar Academy had provided references indicating that he was a good classicist and an excellent teacher who enjoyed the full confidence of the school’s board of governors.

In November his claim to have been born on the island of Raasay, off Skye, was found to be false, as were his claims to be a native Gaelic speaker and to have represented Scotland at both shinty and cricket.

He had been appointed director of the Saltire Society, a leading cultural organisation, four months earlier but quit after he was challenged over his background.

Dr Peake was not available for comment yesterday.