Album review: Teddy Thompson: Bella

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Teddy Thompson: Bella Decca, £13.99 ***

TEDDY Thompson is pulled two ways on his fifth album. He opens with a salvo of mainstream Nashville fare which is never less than melodic and passes the time if you like the sound of every middle American radio station ever. But things become far more interesting and affecting when he shifts to the minor mood, lamenting like Rufus Wainwright on the self-lacerating Over And Over and the delicately orchestrated Home or allowing the spirit of Roy Orbison to take over when he breaks out a tingling falsetto performance on the sublime, dolorous sway of Take Care Of Yourself.

There is also a fine old-school country duet in the form of Tell Me What You Want, on which he and Jenni Muldaur have a good stab at replicating the Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris dynamic.

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