Album review: Beady Eye, Different Gear, Still Speeding

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BEADY EYE Different Gear, Still Speeding **

Liam Gallagher strives to step out of his brother's shadow, perfecting his John Lennon impression while failing to produce a song worthy of the Quarrymen. Noel Gallagher is a self-confessed musical magpie but wisely reinterprets his influences, while Beady Eye stumbles from one borrowed Beatles motif to the next, without suggestion of an original thought.

Some of rock's best lyrics are minimal and repetitive but the words are lamentable, sounding like they were written in crayon. Standing On The Edge Of Noise's 60s stylings are like a fading photocopy of George Harrison's guitar work, with all the class of an arena-filling wedding band. All You Need Is Love is an obvious reference in The Roller, while Four Letter Word is Liam reimagining Wings' Live And Let Die as performed by Lennon.

It all sounds so close to the last two Oasis albums to make you wonder why Liam was so determined to ditch such a well-known trade name. Gem Archer and Andy Bell revitalised that band, but here their perspiration clearly lacks Noel's inspiration.

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This article was first published in Scotland On Sunday, 27 February, 2011

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