Why international affairs play a key role in the constitutional debate, says Professor Stephen Gethins - your views online

"The election results in May don't really bear this out.”

Scottish independence

Why international affairs play a key role in the constitutional debate – Professor Stephen Gethins

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What evidence does Professor Gathins have to make that claim? Fewer people are supporting independence than at the same time last year.

Raymond Kerr

Polls say support is down! One of them is wrong!

Mike Hibberd

This pro-independence statement contradicts the articles on Trident. Which one is right? I am unsure about Scotland’s place in world politics. It’s not economics based as the G7 will goven everything; it doesn't have a geopolitical position, its not an Oman in the Middle East. If scotland joins the EU it will have six out of 600 votes with no veto. How is Scotland going to apply its influence, if it had any?

Michael Schonewald

Just let Westminster carry on ignoring Scotland and more and more people will waken up and dump Westminster rule.

Patricia Anderson

The election results in May don't really bear this out.

Callum MacLeod

There are more Scottish people against independence now than there have ever been. SNP have had 14 years of power and Scotland has failed miserably under their control. Nicola Sturgeon has no intention of pushing for Indy2 as she knows it would end her salary and she hasn't a clue how to run a country.

May Jarvie

More Scots are turning towards independence? I would say the polar opposite to be the case!

Dougie Russell

"With Scots increasingly turning towards independence". Really, Stephen? You're having a laugh! The poll of polls on 17 September 2014 showed No 52 pwer cent, Yes 48 per cent. Recent polling is very similar. Your "independence is inevitable" juggernaut is stuck in the mud!

Mhairi McGregor

Driver shortage

Image problem at heart of malaise of Scotland’s lorry driver shortage

I was a Class 1 driver for years and no matter how much I was offered would never go back. The men and women who do this job are under pressure constantly to get to drops and pick-ups and employers don't ask, they demand it gets done on time. They don't care about traffic jams, accidents etc. Any decent overnight stops are few and far between. Evey route, especially the A66, should have good facilities.

William John Brennan

The problem is pay and conditions. The drivers keep saying it but others, instead of listening, try to make excuses. Plenty are qualified but who wants the grief for the pay?

Cate Geddes

The problem is not image, it is Brexit. Did Westminster really think EU workers would stay where they were not wanted, even in Scotland where people voted against Brexit? This e is just another mess of Westminster Tories’ own making. After October 1 it's going to get worse.

Patricia Anderson

There's another 16 people with a Class1 license working in the same Amazon fulfillment centre that I'm working in. Nearly 30 yreas on the road and I'm now earning more working at a warehouse! Drivers are leaving driving in their 100s every week because hauliers have driven the wages so low and demand maximum hours for a pittance.

Joe Brown

The money isn't sufficient once you take into account the hours and time away from family. Lack of proper stops and services cause drivers to park at literally any layby possible. The infrastructure for the drivers isn't there. Improve the working conditions and many more will see it as a career.

Grant Perkins

One of the most regulated industries in the country being killed by bureaucracy, While I understand and accept the standards needed in road safety, it is time to reset the balance and make the industry more sustainable for those in it and those who can be attracted.

David O'Connor

How many companies would get shut down with no toilet or washing facilities, not to mention the food on motorways?

Robbie O'gorman

I retired from the job four years ago – no way I would go back to the wages and conditions and be treated like something they had stepped in.

Donnie Johnston

This is a professional job, so start treating it like one instead of taking them for granted.

David Neilson

The cost of training is astronomical.

George Adams


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