The Scotsman Crossword 13/04/20

Today’s cryptic crossword from The Scotsman is published below for you to print and complete.

Scotsman crossword
Scotsman crossword


1 One subject had wrong performance. Really (1,6,2,4)

10 Run away from the flag on a pleasure boat, say (7)

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    Today's puzzle

    11 It’s wrong to include pieces on board, suffering pain (7)

    12 Left a holy man behind, at the end (4)

    13 A combined force, in the main, may pass quickly (5)

    14 Want to focus on request for quiet (4)

    17 Set aside, having secured record return (9)

    19 Head off to get near to the mark, but is still beaten (5)

    20 Managed, say, to return within the confines (5)

    22 German unionist introduced to a division by persuasion (9)

    24 Open sesame ended up unchanged (4)

    25 Criticise a sudden strike. It’s quite a shock (5)

    27 Entertain some who stole the show (4)

    30 See an Italian composer in one Highland county, at the start (7)

    31 At the end, one man in CID suffered in a particular area (7)

    32 Appeared to have not much money when, in fact, had lots (1,5,7)


    2 Comes together for meat and drink, we’re told (5,2)

    3 Was cultivated, thanks to yours truly (4)

    4 Joins up with others who are often role-playing (5)

    5 Is improving, when working with them, at last (2,3,4)

    6 Is in favour of many who are in good condition (4)

    7 Believes in giving time for payments in trusts (7)

    8 No appeal when there is nowhere else to go on holiday (2,1,4,6)

    9 Get little advance warning from publication, say (2,5,6)

    15 Had to head off after having tilled the ground, to get ready for action (5)

    16 May record over an expert in position (5)

    18 At the end, sent to sail away. It’s vital (9)

    21 Men return, at the end, with a relative, in short, to get retribution (7)

    23 Press a soldier to compete in tough triathlon (4,3)

    26 Small firm took on left-winger, having faith (5)

    28 Aristocrat, in short, had a travel warrant (4)

    29 One was tied up, having to revise text (4)