Susan Boyle wants to live American dream

SUSAN Boyle is considering buying an apartment in New York and moving permanently to America.

Susan Boyle with a couple of fans from the States,  Sandy Rowden and Candy Melton. Picture: TSPL
Susan Boyle with a couple of fans from the States, Sandy Rowden and Candy Melton. Picture: TSPL

The fact that she gets such a great welcome from fans every time she goes to the states has made her want to emigrate.

SuBo, who will undertake her first tour of the US later this year has lived virtually all her life in her family’s former council house in Blackburn, West Lothian.

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Earlier this year, it emerged the 53 year-old was buying the property next door to her modest ex-council house to create a dream home.

She lived for a time in a £300,000 five-bedroom detached villa but failed to settle and move back.

But in an interview on US television show Access Hollywood, Susan said the warm reception she gets in America had led her to “toy” with the idea of a move.

She said: “I love America, I love the people and the reception from the fans is really good.

“There’s a possibility I will move here, I’m toying with the idea at the moment.

“I would probably move to New York.

“It’s a little bit like London and Glasgow.”

Susan also told how she now can’t bear to watch her famous Britain’s Got Talent audition from 2009 which catapulted her to stardom.

The songstress said she is embarrassed by the way she looked during the clip of her singing I Dreamed A Dream, which has been viewed more than 150 million times on YouTube.

She said: “If I could go back to them I would ditch that frock.I haven’t seen the clip now for a couple of years but I understand it’s still going.When I saw it I thought ‘Oh my god, what is she wearing? Look at the mess of her hair.

“I had had so many unsuccessful auditions before and I just went on to have a good laugh.

“My circumstances at the time at home were very poor and I wanted to change things. I was living at home with my cat and wondering what to do next with my life.”

As well as undertaking an American tour, Susan will release her sixth studio album in October.

She revealed that the album will feature covers of songs by supergroups Pink Floyd and U2.

Susan added: “People don’t expect me to cover those artists so there’s a wee element of surprise in the album.”